Charles Earnest and Jacqueline Ann Josey Helfrich
Celebrating Our 
50th Wedding Anniversary 
2002 - December - 2002

Charles Earnest and Jacqueline Ann Josey Helfrich and Family 
December 2002



Charles Earnest 

Jacqueline Ann Josey 


This site is about our families and their
the generations and trails they left behind of
and the reasons for our fondness of

The Helfrich~Josey & allied families we have researched, to date,
contain 3,326 individuals - some back 16 generations -
with an average life span of 59 years and 10 months.
The earliest ancestor we have found is Robert Josey - Born 1565.

Welcome to our Helfrich and Josey web site.  This cover page is from the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary in December 2002.  Chuck and I wanted to thank our family for the many memories during that time when the entire family came in to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  So, what could be more appropriate than "Thanks For The Memories" as background music on our main page.  That entire family, consisting of four sons and their wives, and seven grandchildren, all cooperated with so many events, and we all had so much fun.  The pictures of all of us above gives one a peek at the good times had by all.  Then, we got ourselves together, cleaned up and you will find a more presentable picture of all of us on the 50th Anniversary Page.  

We hope you will come back often as this is an ongoing project.  Chuck and I have walked the paths of so many of our ancestors over the years, going to their home places, schools, relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. to garner as much information as possible.  We have lost track of the number of cemeteries we have strolled through, looking for any ancestors possible.  We are scanning thousands of pictures and transcribing scores of interviews we have conducted over the past 50 years.  Chuck and I have put pen to paper and composed the stories of our lives and our ancestors.  This web site has been almost three years in the works, and many months spent looking for the appropriate graphics and music to fit each page.  Please do turn up your volume and enjoy the music on each page.  The purpose of this web site is to have a CD of all of this for each of our sons and their families and, hopefully, find others who can connect with our families.  We hope this will be a lasting legacy for all of our descendants who follow after us. 

This web site consists of an individual page with the life history of each of our grandchildren, our four sons and their wives, Chuck, Jackie, our parents, our grandparents, some great-grandparents and  combined pages for each of our ancestors after the great-grandparents, in addition to several "other pages" that we hope may be of interest to many of you.   We also hope you will come back often and read a few more chapters each time.  These graphics and colors on this page seemed apropos, since Chuck and I could consider ourselves in the autumn of our lives.  Our main focus has been to have each page be as much of a surprise, as possible, when it is opened and catch and hold your attention.  Hopefully, we have succeeded, for the most part, and we look forward to your comment (s) in our guest book below.

We and the ones we write about on these pages are about the memories of yesterday.

Our sons and daughters-in-law are the current events and hope of today.

Our grandchildren are the building blocks and future of tomorrow.

Yesterday is history;

Tomorrow is a mystery;

Today is a gift -- That's why it's called the present!

We have many other allied names mentioned here, but the main names written about on this web site are:  

Barlow, Barnett, Bishop, Blount/Blunt, Burrus/Burress, Carter, Collins, Davis, Greene, Hatfields, Helfrich, Herr, Hubbell/Hubble, Hunt, Josey, McCoy, Philyaw, Ray, Sims, and Sprung.
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