Mother of Cleo Sims Josey

Zula Baker Sims with
Lloyd Jean
Zula's son from her
first marriage to
Will Jean

Cleo Sims
Zula's daughter from her
second marriage to
James Bradley Sims, Jr.
Jackie's Mother

Zula Baker was born August 17, 1887, in Sevier County, AR, died about 1913, and is buried in Denison Cemetery, Idabel, OK. 
Zula Baker had been married to Will Jean in 1906 and they had a son, (Lloyd Jean, born January 18, 1908 in Mineral Springs, AR- died July 13, 1994 - and buried is buried in Laws Chapel Cemetery, Atlanta, TX.)


I found the following information on Will H. Jean that we did not know before this date.  In the 1910 Comanche County, OK Census record, Will H. Jean is listed at the age of 24, single, living in the institution Telephone Line Construction Camp Lines.  It finally cleared up the mystery of where he was born, Arkansas, and his dad was born in Georgia and his mother was born in Alabama.  I then found Will Jean's dad, Hardy Jean, in the 1870 census record, in

Little River County, Arkansas1870 Census
Daniel B Jean 64 m w farmer GA
Mary M 55 f w GA
Robert M 28 farm hand GA
Hardy H 17 m w farm hand GA  (Will Jean's dad)

So, this would prove that Will Jean must have been born in Arkansas

Found 1920 Little River, AR census record with
Artie Jean 66 head
Mahaley 62 wife
Lloyd 11 grandson
Charlie 29 head
Esther 21 wife
Hazel 2 1/2 daughter


The following information was sent to me by my first cousin, Shirley Jean Weaver, daughter of uncle Lloyd Jean:

April 29, 1997

Dear Jackie:

Here are some of the things that might help you.

You asked when and where W. H. Jean married Zula - it was 12-24-1906 - Little River County, Ark.  W. H. Jean died in Albuquerque - don't know where he was born.  Mother said she was sure Gladys and Juanita took Brad Sims name when Vera married her. Don't know what their real name was.

Hope some of this helps. Thanks for the papers you sent me. They were real interesting. Love, Shirley

Information from stones at Hicks Cemetery, Ashdown, Ark.

W. H. Jean (Lloyd's father)
Born 1-19-1886
Died 8-15-1914

Hardy H. Jean (W. H.'s father)
Born 3-10-1853
Died 11-18-1932

Mahalia L. Jean (W. H.'s Mother)
Born 9-10-1857
Died 8-20-1920

Mary E. Baker (Zula's Mother)
Born 3-16-1844
Died 4-19-1915

W. M. Baker (Zula's Brother)
Born 9-22-1886
Died 10-18-1914

Lloyd's great grandparents (parents of H. H. Jean) are buried in Peytonville Cemetery south of Ashdown

This letter was written to H. H. Jean, Lloyd's grandfather, Ashdown, Ark. from Brad Sims, Mooringsport, La.


Mr. H. H. Jean

Kind friend I will answer your kind letter which I received some time back would have answered sooner but I have been off in Texas at work and haven't been near an office. I am glad Lloyd is doing well in his books guess school is out by now. Tell him I had a letter from home last week and Cleo was well but wanted to see Lloyd. And so do I but don't know when I can get off. We had a nice rain here last night and it has been nice and cool today. Hope you have a nice crop, we have had such nice spring to farm.

I have no news. I will be glad to hear from you anytime. Hope you are all well.

Yours very truly
Brad Sims

Idabel, OK - Denison Cemetery,

Bettie C. Sims  and James B. Sims (Sr.)
Bettie - 1858 - 1923 - Buried in Denison Cemetery, Idabel, OK
James, Sr. - 1852 - 1933 Buried in Denison Cemetery, Idabel, OK

Zula B. Sims and James B. Sims (Jr.)
Zula - 1887 - 1912 - Buried in Denison Cemetery, Idabel, OK
James, Jr. - January 19, 1885 Lockesburg, Ark.
Died 12-28-1943 died in Shreveport, La - buried in Pine Park Cemetery, Vivian, La.

J. A. Baker (Zula's father?)

James Bradley Sims, Jr.
Born January 19, 1885
Lockesburg, Ark.
Married August 17, 1911
to Zula Baker (who was born 1887 Sevier County and died 1912 in Idabel, Okla)

Brad Sims died December 28, 1943 in Shreveport

Brad Sims was son of James B. Sims, Sr.
Born September 1853 in Tenn.
Married Gemima E. Collins, who was born March 1857 in Miss.) J. B. Sims, Sr. died in Idabel, Okla in 1933
Gemima died January 17, 1923 in Idabel.
J. B. Sims, Sr.'s father came from Virginia. His mother came from Tenn.

This is an account Mother (Hazel Jean) wrote while Daddy was talking about his life:

When Lloyd was about 5 years old, Cleo was born when they lived on Little River near Idabel. Brad Sims, his step father, ran the ferry.

Uncle Bert and Aunt Lorena kids (Lloyd's Mother's Sister)
These were Bert Dillinger Lorena Baker Dillinger children:
Lorena Baker Dillinger was Zula Baker's sister:

Marvin, Clara, Elbert, Verna, Orus, Dude and Shortie

They lived close to them.

They moved into Idabel where Lloyd's Mother (Zula Baker Sims) died of a spider bite. Brad Sims, her husband, was working in oil fields in Mooringsport, La. about that time.

After his Mother died, Lloyd lived with Brad Sims' parents in Idabel, where he started to school. At about the age of 8, he went to live with his grandmother and grandfather (Hardy and Mahalia Jean) in Ashdown, where his grandfather farmed. (Renting or share cropping) Share-cropping was using owner's team and machinery and housing - 1/2 to owner if own team - 1/3 to owner.. Renting was paying rent at end of year to owner of land.

In the year 1921, he went to live with Uncle Bert and Aunt Lorena in Ben Lomond, where he finished the 8th grade, where he helped on the farm, gathering in the crop etc. ($1.00 per hundred lb. cotton)

Afterwards, he and a friend rode a freight train, going to the wheat harvest. Stopped off in Mena, Ark.........

He went to live with step-dad, Brad Sims, and his wife Minnie, until he went to the Marines at age 20, boot camp at Parris Island, after boot camp, marched in parade in Washington, D. C. (INAUGURAL PARADE FOR HOOVER) Stationed in Quantico, W. V. then St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (2 years), came back to U. S. (Virginia and N. O. - New Orleans?) and then to Key West, Fla. and then Charleston, S. C. where he was discharged. Back to Mooringsport - oil field - 6 months - Joined the army - stationed in San Antonio - 1 1/2 years - Lloyd and Hazel married by J. P. (Judge Ivey) with Brad Sims and her Mother Charlotte Norris as witnesses. They lived in "old Sims House" until he was transferred to Waskom, and Carthage pipeline, Tex. and went to work at Gulf gasoline plant.

Zula married a second time to James Bradley Sims, Jr., and they had Cleo Sims (Josey) (born June 30, 1913, in Idabel, OK - died January 26, 1997, buried in Forest Park West Cemetery, Shreveport, LA.) 

Per my first cousin, Shirley, (daughter of Lloyd Jean), Will came up on a horse with some shoes for Lloyd and Zula threw them back at him.  Shirley said that Will and Zula Jean were divorced after that and I am not sure of that date.   Will Jean put up electric lines outside of Albuquerque and he was electrocuted in a job accident.  

Will Jean was born January 19, 1886, died August 15, 1914, and is buried in Hicks Cemetery outside of Ashdown, AR, along with many of Zula Baker's family members. 


Received a copy of the census from Sevier County, Ark. today from Marcelle Cox in Baytown, TX and it has Zulie's birthday year as April 1889 and her age as 11 in 1900.

Also, the census has

Jim Cox or F. Marcelle Cox
5118 W. Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Rd.
Baytown, TX 77521


Per a copy of the 1900 Sevier County, Ark. census sent to me by Marcelle Cox,

Jos. H. Baker born November 1856 in Tenn.
Mary a. Baker born March 1844 in Georgia
Walter born September 1886 in Texas
Zulie born April 1889 in Arkansas

Joseph and Mary had been married 19 years.

There is another Baker family just two houses over that has John D. and Marcella BAKER with:

I have listed their family on the FTM

Subj: Records Search Response for Walter M. Baker
Date: 05/02/2000 9:16:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected], [email protected]

Name: Walter M. Baker
Date of Birth: 09/22/1886
Date of Death: 10/18/1914
Policy was issued on: 01/31/1905 at the age of 18
City and State: Wilton,Ark
Occupation: Farmer
Death Claim was paid on: 12/04/1914
Monument was issued on: 02/03/1915
Certificate Number(s): 21330
Camp Number: 310
Camp State: Ark
Since the death claim was paid, the application for membership and the
death claim are no longer a part of our records.

Thank you for your inquiry.
For information about our fraternal organization, please access our web

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

I found Lloyd Jean (22 years old) in the 1930 census record in the U. S. Marines Barracks in St Thomas, St Thomas Island, Virgin Islands.