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The picture on the far left is John Thomas Barlow, Sr., and the second picture is of John Thomas Barlow, Jr.  This page is largely documentation on the Barlow line. 

My connection to the Barlows comes from my granddad Roddie Josey's mother, Lucy J. Carter Josey Barlow.  Lucy married John Thomas Josey and we have no idea what happened to John Thomas Josey. Even with the help of Bud and Marion Josey, our Josey National Historians, nothing has been discovered as to whether John and Lucy divorced, or John died or when or where he is buried.  What we do know is that John Thomas Josey (born about 1849 - death unknown) and Lucy J. Carter (born February 24, 1849 - died August 18, 1924)  - buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Vivian, LA) were married June 17, 1870 in Caddo Parish, LA.  They had two children - (Lula born May 1874 and Roddie Lee Josey, born December 23, 1875).  That is the extent of what we know about that relationship.

Then, Lucy met Richard Wood (Dick) Barlow (born December 27, 1842 - died March 27, 1901 - buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Vivian, LA) and they married January 05, 1888 in Caddo Parish, LA.  They had two children (John Thomas Barlow - born November 18, 1889 -  died July 11, 1955 - buried in Vivian Cemetery, Vivian, LA) and (Winnie Barlow - born May 13, 1892 - died March 06, 1919 - also buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Vivian, LA).

Winnie married Arthur J. Kearne, but we have no information on him nor their marriage date and place and his death info.  They had two children - (Hazel Kearne - born 1917 and an unnamed boy March 6, 1919).
Virginia did receive the death certificate for Winnie Kern.  Per Virginia Barlow, this family (Winnie's) went to Baton Rouge, LA.

Per Caddo Parish Tax Accessor's Block Book of Caddo Parish, LA, ownership book of January 1, 1918, they (Richard Barlow and Lucy Carter) owned 160 acres:
Lucy Barlow, Widow - 80 acres
Winnie Barlow Kearne (wife of Arthur J. Kearne) - owned 40 acres

Under the following documentation is more on Susan Barlow Holmes' research on Richard Wood Barlow, and there is another Barlow page on this web site you may wish to visit for more Barlow info.  See the main index of names.


Mt. Gilead2.jpg (119307 bytes)
Richard Barlow1.jpg (194900 bytes)
Richard W. BARLOW
December 27, 1842
March 27, 1901
 Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Vivian, LA
58 yrs, 3 mos, 0 days

Thomas/Elizabeth Caldwell BARLOW'S son
2nd husband of 
Roddie Lee JOSEY'S mother
Jackie is great granddaughter of Richard's wife
Mt. Gilead2.jpg (119307 bytes)

Lucy Jane Carter
February 24, 1848
August 18, 1924
Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Vivian, LA

76 yrs, 5 mos, 25 days

Jackie's great grandmother
Roddie Lee JOSEY'S mother


Mt. Gilead2.jpg (119307 bytes)

Richard W. and Lucy Jane Carter

Headstone erected for Lucy

Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Vivian, LA

October 2007

Thanks to Virginia Barlow, we were finally successful in placing a headstone for Lucy Jane Carter Josey BARLOW in October 2007.

John Thomas BARLOW, Sr.
November 18, 1889
July 11, 1955
65 yrs, 7 mos, 23 days
Rosa Ivins Barlow
June 02, 1888
October 07, 1966
78 yrs, 4 mos, 5 days

Pine Park Cemetery, Vivian, LA

John Thomas was Jackie's half granduncle.  His parents were Richard Wood and Lucy J. Carter Josey Barlow.  Lucy was Jackie's great grandmother.

Louisiana Land Documents

RICHARD WOOD BARLOW was the son of THOMAS BARLOW JR. AND ELIZA CALDWELL whose families are of the Isle of Wight Virginia lineage, migrated from Lowndes Co Alabama - Sumter and Lauren Co Georgia, to Tyler Co Texas, and then to Caddo Parish between 1850-1900.

Library of Congress

Courtesy of Eunice Pulliam Wright Josey
via Elsie Patrick/Jaye P. Jones
 I think it is a page from
Lucy Carter Josey Barlow's bible
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lower right corner to enlarge again.

barlow bible page.jpg (384660 bytes)
Courtesy of Sarah Virginia Barlow
Winnie Barlow Bible
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barlow_ richard wood b.c..jpg (213523 bytes)
Richard Barlow
Birth Certificate
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john thomas barlow marg.jpg (140898 bytes)
Marriage license of
John Thomas and Rosa Ivans Barlow - 1912
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Barlow Bible Page
Lucy J. Carter Josey Barlow's Bible

Richard Wood (Dick) Barlow
Lucy Carter Josey
Marriage License
January 5, 1888
Caddo Parish, LA

Richard W. Barlow
December 27, 1842
March 27, 1901

Richard W. Barlow
December 27, 1842
March 27, 1901
(The two pictures were taken years apart)

John Thomas Barlow, Sr.
Delayed Certificate of Birth

John Thomas Barlow, Sr.
Rosa Ivins
Marriage License
November 24, 1912
Caddo Parish, LA

John Thomas Barlow, Sr.
Death Certificate
November 18, 1889
July 11, 1955

John Thomas Barlow, Sr.
Rosa Ivins Barlow
Pine Park Cemetery,
Vivian, LA




My theory on The Thomas Barlow Family
First, keep in mind that the Isle of Wight Barlows were known to be in many counties of Alabama ...
but primarily, Lowndes, Autagua, and Dallas will notice that Dallas, Autagua and Lowndes are all together.
Thomas Barlow, born c1803, son of THOMAS BARLOW c1761- 1813 and his second wife, Mary
(Jesse6, Thomas5, George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1)
The elder Thomas was a planter, of Brunswick, Virginia, Wake, North Carolina, Edgefield, South Carolina, and Laurens, Georgia
The younger Thomas married Elizabeth Caldwell, December 24, 1822 in Laurens Co Georgia and is listed there in the 1830 census:
3 males under 5 2 males 10-15 2 males 20-30
1 female under 5 1 female 20-30
In 1840 Thomas has removed to Lowndes Co Alabama, I have the census index, but do not have that census at this time, so I cannot give information from it.
In 1850, Thomas is still in Lowndes Co enumerated in September #52/52

Barlow Thomas 48 M planter 6000 South Carolina
Barlow Talfonfa A. 30 F *** *** Georgia
Barlow Carol S. 30 M planter *** Georgia
Barlow, Merrett S. 23 M planter *** Georgia
Barlow John T. 21 M planter *** Georgia
Barlow William W. 14 M *** *** Alabama
Barlow James J. 12 M *** *** Alabama
Barlow Franklin 10 M *** *** Alabama
Barlow Richard W. 7 M *** *** Alabama
Barlow Osmus P. 1 M *** *** Alabama
Barlow Winneford 17 F *** *** Georgia
Barlow Georgianna 15 F *** *** Georgia

I may be wrong in assuming this is the same Thomas, but I believe it is. Elizabeth had apparently died and since I don't have the census for 1840 I don't know whether Elizabeth is living then or not ....
I don't have very many cemetery records for Alabama,.. the only thing I do find is:
Rasco Graveyard -Dallas County Alabama - Elizabeth Barlow died March 5, 1840
...this may or may not be her...
Thomas wife at this time is Talfonfa A., and I not so sure of the spelling of her name, as it is shown as initials L.A. in the 1860 census.
In Autgua Co Alabama marriage records, I find:
Thomas Barlow married November 17, 1845 Ann T.A. King book 6 page 280
Thomas Barlow married November 17, 1845 Ann G.A. King book 2 page 251
One or both of these has to be a transcription error ... however, if the T.A. is correct, perhaps this is Talfonfa A. and a second wife of Thomas.
Now as for Carol S., if the age is correct, then the marriage date of December 1822 for Elizabeth and Thomas would make him to old to be a son of Thomas, so I am not sure if his relationship.
Note that the age for Richard would be correct for the 1842 birth date, and the intial W. would fit that for Richard in Jackie's query.
Paul Gill found the 1850 census on the Clearinghouse and offered information for Merrett S. Barlow along with his surprise to find Merritt in Alabama.
The 1860 census for Lowndes Co Alabama, Northern Division P.O. Haynesville
enumerated July 11, 1860 #267 - 233
Thomas Barlow 58 M Farmer 24,000-87,435 South Carolina
L.A. Barlow 43 F *** *** Georgia
M.W. Barlow 27 F *** *** Georgia
Georgiann Barlow 25 F *** *** Georgia
B.F. Barlow 19 M *** *** Alabama
Richard Barlow 12 M *** *** Alabama
O.P. Barlow 10 M *** *** Alabama
E.E. Barlow 8 M *** *** Alabama

M. W. would be Winneford
B.F. would be Franklin - I suspect Benjamin Franklin
Richard only aged 5 years since 1850, probably another transcription error .....or a census taker error!...
A son, E.E. Barlow age 8, apparently born 1852 to Thomas and Talfonfa.
The same census shows also:
#268 - 234
J. J. Barlow 21 M Farmer $1050 Alabama

This would be James J. Barlow
James J. BARLOW married October 31, 1860 Cornelia V. LEE Autagua Co
shortly after this census was taken - See note below for more
#269 - 235
W.W. Barlow 23 M F $1040 Alabama

this would be William W. Barlow
William W. BARLOW married December 22, 1864 Catherine A. CALDWELL Lowndes Co
John T. is in the 1860 census index...but I do not have that census record
Merrett S. is not in the 1860 census, he is in the Lousiana index..I believe See note below
Also in the 1860 Lowndes Co Alabama census...
page 539 enumerated August 30, 1860
John H. Barlow 44 M Farmer $9450-15489 Georgia
Luesia C. Barlow 36 F *** *** Alabama
Martha R. Barlow 16 F *** *** Georgia
Thomas W. Barlow 14 M *** *** Georgia
William F. Barlow 13 M *** *** Georgia
Robert M. Barlow 11 M *** *** Georgia
Mary E. Barlow 6 F *** *** Georgia
James J. Barlow 5 M *** *** Georgia
Ella A. Barlow 3 F *** *** Georgia
John D. Barlow 5/12 M *** *** Georgia

This would be John Harvin Barlow, who had been in the Autagua Co census for 1850.
John is the son of James Barlow, James in turn is a brother to Thomas.
I do not have a date on the 1850 Autagua census, but he has a 5 children showing to be born in Georgia after the time of that census, this must be in error or else John went back to Georgia between 1850-1860.
page 527 #388 - 331
C.C. Barlow 34 M Farmer $3000 Georgia
E.M. Barlow 34 F *** *** Alabama

I'm not confident of the relationship here

I do not have the census records for 1870, just the index...and by this time, these folks have multiplied like mice...and moved all over the US...of the folks I have listed above, I find:
Richard W. Lowndes County 323 Benton P.O
Richard W. BARLOW married July 14, 1870 Miss/Mrs. E. W. CLAR
book 6 page 280 in Autagua Co Alabama
So.....if this is the same Richard as in Jackie's query, then Lucy would have been his second wife, which I think would be quite feasible seeing that he married Lucy in 1888, he would have been 46 years old.

Benjamin - probably Franklin Lowndes County 323 Benton P.O
BARLOW CARLOS C. Lowndes County 345 Benton P.O. - this is probably that Carol S.-
BARLOW JAMES J. Lowndes County 326 Benton P.O.
BARLOW JOHN Lowndes County 376 Farmersville P.O.
William W. is not here...however, he is in Louisiana in 1880, and he shows to have had a daughter age 9, born in Tennessee, therefore, a check of Tennessee's 1870 census would be in order. I do not have that at this time on the Clearinghouse.

BARLOW M. S. 1860 census of Caddo Parish Louisiana 003 Shreveport P.O.
I think this is Merrett S. ...I don't have the full record...
........he's not here in 1870 ... he went to Texas.......
I find a Charles there also in1860..but not sure who he might be
BARLOW CHARLES Caddo Parish 004 Shreveport P.O. ...he also got land in 1860 in Caddo Parish...
I believe this to be Richard's brother ...he was 14 in the 1850 census of Alabama, and married Catherine in 1864...
William W. Barlow age 44 Alabama
Catherine W. Barlow age 34 Georgia
Mary E. Barlow age 14 Alabama
Zena T.L. Barlow 9 Tennessee
Willoughby T. 1 Louisiana
Charles W. Barlow 1 Louisiana

What I do not find is where Richard is in 1880.
I think I have all the 1880 Louisiana census online, but I may not

In 1880 Houston Co Texas
Cornelia Barlow age 40 born in Alabama
Son: Thomas 13 Alabama
Son: James 12 Alabama Boarder: Annie C. Hughes 20 Ohio
Boarder: Eddie Hughes 1 Texas
I believe this to be the wife of James J.....has he died?
Remember that son born in 1852 to Thomas and Talfonfa ... E.E. Barlow
I think this is him:
Houston Co Texas 1900
E. E. BARLOW born December 1852 age 47 born in Alabama
w: M. E. born July 1852 age 47 born in Texas
s: P. E. born November 1882 age 17
s: Lee born August 1886 age 13
d: Mildred born September 1888 age 11
d: Willie born November 1893 age 6
sl: Elizabeth English born Mar1850 age 50

Well, looking back then, it would appear that the Elizabeth buried in Rasco
Cemetery, could not be Eliza Caldwell....she probably did die between
1840-1845 as stated earlier on the page. If the other info is correct,
then...Anna T.A. is the same as Talfonfa A. King. Whether King was her
maiden name or a name from a previous marriage is not known.
I haven't worked on this in sometime...sorry I can't be of further help. I
am in the middle of a major update on another page that has consumed all of
my genealogy time for the past few months, and perhaps months to come.


Jackie's notes from years of collecting Barlow Information:

Richard Wood 'Dick' Barlow born c1843 Alabama

Richard W. BARLOW married July 14, 1870 Miss/Mrs. E.W. Clar - Book 6 Page 280 Autagua Co Alabama. She was Emmerette Williamson Lee, sister of Cornelia Virginia Barlow. She was born June 11, 1844 in Autauga Co Alabama, and died November 06, 1885 in Autauga Co Alabama. She had previously been married to Mr. Clar.

Enumerated August 04, 1870 Benton, Lowndes Co Alabama Page 341 #105 110 Census Image

Richard W. Barlow 27 Farmer $1000/800 AL
Emma Barlow 26 Keeps House ** AL

Enumerated June 13, 1880 Town Bluff, Tyler Co Texas Page 352c #129/137 Census Image

Thomas Collier Self 60 Farmer GA VA VA
Lucy A. Collier Wife 50 Keeps Hous GA SC VA
Josephine A. Collier Niece 17 At Home TX GA GA
Richard Barlow Boarder 43 Farmer ** SC SC
Delia Segrest / black Hireling 65 Works on Farm VA ** **

Richard's civil condition 'married' with no wife listed, occupation 'farming', and had attended school [as a teacher?] with the census year. I suppose he and Emma are separated. I could not locate Emma in the 1880 census of Louisiana, Texas, or Alabama, she may be deceased, or they may have divorced and she has remarried. Richard may not have given his information to the census taker, it may have been one of the others who gave that information, in error.

Richard W. 'Dick' Barlow married Mrs. Lucy 'Carter' Josey January 1888 in Vivian or Shreveport, Caddo Parish, widow of John Thomas Josey

Richard W. Barlow bought or sold February 27, 1895 land Land Document, Caddo Parish Louisiana

I cannot locate Richard or Lucy in any 1900 census.

I did find Lucy in 1910, and she is a widow.

Enumerated May 6-7, 1910 Vivian Caddo Parish Louisiana Page 29 #238-249 Census Image

Lucy Barlow Head / Widow 60 PA PA PA
John T. Barlow Son 20 LA AL PA
Winifred E. Barlow Daughter 16 LA AL PA

Enumerated January 7-8, 1920, Vivian Caddo Parish Louisiana Page 67 #128/132 Living alone Census Image

Lucy Barlow Head/Widow 69 PA PA PA

Two of their children were:

John Thomas Barlow, born 1889, and died 1955. He married Rosa Ivins. She was born 1888, and died 1966. Both are buried in the Vivian Cemetery, Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Enumerated January 10, 1920 Vivian, Caddo Parish Louisiana Page 70 #195/199 Census Image

John T. Barlow Head 36 LA LA LA
Rose Barlow Wife 30 LA AL LA
Cecil Barlow Son 4 1/12 LA LA LA
John T. Barlow, Jr. Son 2 ?/12 LA LA LA

Winnifred E. Barlow, born 1892

Children of Thomas and Talfonfa are:
xii. Osmus P. Barlow, born c1860.
xiii. Edward Eugene Barlow born December 01, 1851 in Alabama, and died January 21, 1916 in Crockett, Houston Co Texas, burial in the English - Hicks Cemetery, Houston Co Texas.

He married Miranda Evaline English, The daughter of Archibald English, she was born July 23, 1851, and died September 26, 1936, burial in English-Hicks Cemetery, Houston Co Texas. DC #45863

Enumerated June 01, 1900 Crockett, Houston Co Tennessee Page 12 #204/210 Census Image

E.E. Barlow Head December 1852 47 AL ENG GA
M.E. Barlow Wife July 1852 47 TX TN AL
P.E. Barlow Son November 1882 17 TX AL TX
Lee Barlow Son August 1886 13 TX AL TX
Mildred Daughter September 1888 11 TX AL TX
Willie Barlow Daughter November 1893 6 TX AL TX
Elizabeth English s-i-l divorced March 1850 50 TX TN AL

Enumerated April 22, 1910 Crockett, Houston Co Texas Page____ #262/262 Census Image
Married 31 years / 6 children born, 4 living

Edward E. Barlowe 57 Head TX ENG GA
Miranda Barlowe 57 Wife TX TN AL
Lee E. Barlowe 24 Son TX Al TX
Lizzie English 59 Sister in law TX TN AL
Peter Johns 26 Black servant TX TX AL

Crockett Courier Crockett, Texas January 27, 1916

E.E. Barlow, Dead --Edward Eugene--

Mr. E.E. Barlow, 63 years old, died at his home near Crockett early Friday morning -January 21-. His death due to heart failure and was sudden and unexpected.

Mr. Barlow had attended a funeral Friday afternoon. Returning home, he complained that he was not feeling well and prepared to retire early. Death came before it was known that he was seriously ill. The funeral was held at the English Cemetery, 10 miles east of Crockett, Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Barlow was a member of the Baptist church. He was born in Alabama, but came to Texas when a young man.

He leaves a wife, two daughters, and two sons. The daughters are Mrs. J.W. Brightman and Miss Willie Barlow, both of Crockett; the sons are Lee Barlow of Crockett and Perry Barlow of Palestine.

Mr. Barlow was a good man, true to every obligation and responsibility and never shirked a duty. He will be greatly missed by the community.

The above copy is a true and exact copy of the obituary reported in the local Crockett Courier, January 27, 1916, which is housed in the microfilm collection of the library.

Death Certificate #1841

Enumerated January 21, 1920 Crockett Houston Co Texas Page 72 #146/162 Young Street Census Image

Miranda E. Barlow Head 62 TX AL AL
Willie W. Barlow Daughter 27 TX TX AL
Lizzie English W 60 Sister 60 TX AL AL

Enumerated April 05, 1930 Crockett, Houston Co Texas page 22 #41/94 and 42/95 Census Image

Willie Barlow Head - dau of Miranda 37 TX AL TX
Miranda E. Barlow Mother/Widow 78 TX VA AL
John Brightman Son in law 62 TX TX TX
Mildred B. Brightman Wife / daughter of Miranda 42 TX AL TX
Frances Brightman Daughter / granddaughter 14 TX TX TX
Chester R. McCebry? Son in law of Brightman 26 TX TX TX
Evelyn McCebry? dau of Brightman 21 TX TX TX

Also buried in the English-Hicks Cemetery

Barlow, Mary S. 17 Oct 1880 23 Jan 1884 d/o E.E. and M.E. Barlow
Barlow, Perry Nix 17 Nov 1881 18 Feb 1965 Death certificate #24352
English, Auntie Elizabeth 22 Mar 1849 26 Mar 1921 d/o Archibald English

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