Many of you have probably seen this photo before, but I find it so interesting
I found a copy of it on one of my genealogy trips to Arkansas and if anyone can identify any of the soldiers,
please let me know.
I had hoped that one of my ancestors from the Arkansas area may be identifiable in it, but can't pinpoint one.


The following information was posted at the Sevier County, AR site:

Front Row:
ZACHARY, Bee 7th from the left
Kathryn Sterne
BEAUCHAMP, Sebron Jackson 9th from the left
Carolyn Merchant Horn

2nd Row
DEHART, Thomas A. 3rd person from left
Geneva Cole
JOHNSON, Nathanial Barney (3rd TX Cav) 6th from the left
Wayne Minor
KITTLEY, H. Ben(of Wilton AR) 4th from the leftWilton AR
McCALL, James M. (4th AL Cav Co. B of Wilton AR)13th from the left standing next to the tree
Tom McCall
NELSON, Sam Huston 11th from the left
Chris Nelson
REED, James Isaac 9th man from the left
Jenny Garner
STOKES, James H. (of Howard, AR) 8th from the left
Kathy Hudson
STOKES, Joseph Franklin (of Athens, AR) 7th from the left
Kathy Hudson

3rd Row
PITTS, Obediah Walter P. (3rd TX Cav CoH) 3rd from the left
Wayne Minor

Can anyone help with any other names here?


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