Over the past 50 years, our critters have truly been like rainbows in our lives.  They become a family member and you miss them as such when you lose them.  Over these many years of marriage, we have had many, many critters, and we want to honor all of them with a picture of each one below.  We hope our families, and especially the Grandchildren, enjoy all of them, as well as the rest of the viewing audience.

To make it more interesting, we are including our sons' family pets on this page too.  And, in so doing, they will have a CD with all of them recorded on it for their history.

The Doggie Section

Our Bichon - Wobbles  
Adopted From 
Bichon Frise Rescue Mission



Gizmo and Mioki

Gizmo - Our Shih Tzu

Gizmo and Mioki

Mioki - Our Shih Tzu
Click to view Kizzy, Miki, Snoopy and Vicky - Paul in background

Vickie - Our Cockapoo

Mioki and Gizmo

Kizzy - Ron's Doggie

Snoopy Dog
Bill-Les-Ron-Paul's Beagle

Ron-Elise-Michael-Lauren's Golden Retriever

Ron, Elise, Lauren and Michael's dogs.

Reilly on the left is a chocolate lab and Shadow is the black lab.

04-2011 - RON AND ELISE'S UPDATES - 04-2011

Boomer and Bella


Bella - Reilly

Bella - Boomer - Reilly

Boomer Sleeping - 2011


Bill, Yumi and Amy's 
Golden Retriever

Paul, Ellen, 
Daniel and Julia's little 
"Benji" doggie.

Daisy is the new kid on the block, since she just came to live with her new family in 2004

October 31, 2007 - Daisy ready for Halloween

2011 - Daisy all dolled up


Chatty (as a baby)

07-1994-Ron and Kahn and Hoss


Les, Jan, Rebeka and Heather's


April 2005 - Silly Lilly is now the new pup on the block
Bill, Yumi and Amy's new doggie so Angel will have a playmate

The Bird Section


Sammy Joe
Our little Cockatiel

The Kitty Cat Section

Figaro Helfrich
Les-Jan-Rebeka & Heather's kitty

Lucy Helfrich
Paul-Ellen-Daniel & Julia's kitty

Cody Helfrich
Ron-Elise-Lauren-Michael's kitty

Kitty Helfrich
Bill-Yumi-Amy's kitty

Sukura Helfrich
Les-Jan-Rebeka & Heather's kitty

"Rainy" is the new kid on the block as of
09-28-05 - Rebeka and Heather's kitty they found in their back yard. 
Welcome, "Rainy."

Sukura Helfrich
Les-Jan-Rebeka & Heather's kitty



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