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The following information was received from Kat Helmandollar, who is related to the McCoy/Hubble families:

"Velva (Mary McCoy Helfrich's sister) told me years ago that Carl Hubble was a famous baseball player and he was a relative.  My grand nephew was here and I told him about this.  He is one of those rare and fortunate people with a photographic memory. 
He said "Carl Hubble struck out Babe Ruth, Joe Cronin and Lou Gehrig."

Future Yankee Manager in succession at first All Star Games 1933
Was a great Hall of Famer."

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INY9025BASE9AN.jpeg (12360 bytes)This is Carl's baseball card that sells for 
Carol Owen Hubbell - Hall of Fame pitcher for the New York Giants from 1928 to 1943. He was a southpaw, and pitched twenty-four consecutive victories spanning the 1936 and 1937 seasons
Baseball Hall of Famer
June 22, 1903 
November 21, 1988

Mary McCoy/Helfrich and Carl Owen Hubbell were related, as Mary's Mother, Nannie L. Virginia Hubbell/McCoy,  was a member of this Hubbell family.  Carl and Mary had the same 8th Great Granddad, who was Richard Hubbell, Sr. 

For Chuck, it would mean that Carl and Chuck had the same 9th Great Granddad. 
Carl's burial info is on the McCoy cemetery pages.

This is Carl's autographed baseball that sells for $805
Carl is most noted for his feats in the 1934 All Star Game where he struck out five Hall of Fame players in a row including Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Babe Ruth, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin.  He is credited with developing a new pitch called the "screwball",  which has the opposite movement from a curve ball.  


Per Hilbert Hubble @02-21-2000

Per [email protected]:

"Jacqueline, the Carl Owen Hubbell line descends from Richard (our immigrant ancestor) son Richard, Jr. and his wife Hanna Swilliway. Your line descends from Richard (our immigrant ancestor) son Samuel Sr. and his 2nd wife, Temperence Preston. There are eight generations to Carl, and eight to Nannie Hubbell. Regards, Hilbert"


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