1997 - Ruth Ray Hunt's Home

Ruth Ray Hunt
1997 - Dallas, TX
 Mother always talked so much about Ruth and her sister, Swann, since they were all first cousins, childhood friends, and grew up together in Idabel, OK. 

Mother enjoyed going to the reunions they all had over the years also.

Mother, (left) with two of her first cousins, Rags and Swann, at a reunion.  Mother was so happy when one of us would take her up into Arkansas to see Rags or to Oklahoma to see James Ray and other cousins she grew up with.  

Another picture of mother (center) with her first cousins, Ruth Ray Hunt on the left and Swann Ray Lake Buckles on the right.  This was a family reunion. 

When we went to see Ruth Ray Hunt, in Dallas, TX on three different occasions, they were always such marvelous visits.  On one of those trips, I asked Ruth if I could have a picture of her and H. L. Hunt.  She called her secretary in, told her which two pictures to take off of the wall in the hall and have the driver go down and have two copies made right away. 

These pictures are such a treasure that I spent a considerable amount of time finding the appropriate background and music to do justice to these special photographs.  The top photo is H. L. and Ruth Ray Hunt's home in Dallas, TX, known as Mount Vernon.  The other pictures are of Ruth and H. L. Hunt, with the second black and white photo found on the Internet. 
 And, the last two photos are self-explanatory.  

I also treasure the book that Ruth autographed and gave to me:

Above Family Photo Courtesy of Betty Cline Calaway

About 1957 - 1958, she thinks

October - 2007
This is a headboard from H. L. and Ruth Hunt's home. 
A classmate of mine went on a tour through the home a few years ago, and wanted to buy the headboard, if it became available.
She received a call and was able to purchase the headboard.  She said she is passing it on to me for our children.
One of the nicest things I have had happen to me.  What a sweet gesture.  I love the headboard.
Then, another classmate's wife took this picture of the headboard for me at the reunion.  Ann Holder, thank you, dear heart.



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