These are some of the homes that our family lived in during the depression days, World War II
and into the 1950's

I went around the city in the 1990's and took these photos.



Per Buddy's e-mail, this is a remarkable memory of some of our childhood homes.

"Let us say there were four houses, on Byrd Street, we can number them by calling the one right in front of Granny's house #1, and then the other ones in order.  We lived in #4 before we moved to Ringgold, LA, where I started school.  You had a big tricycle that I was wanting to ride, but my legs would not reach the pedals.

We moved to Ringgold, into a duplex, and a woman lived in the other side of the duplex.  She gave me my first ever bowl of Cheerios, and I could not get enough of them.  I started school there.  From there, we moved to Levy Street, in Shreveport, to move again in just a couple of days to Logan Street.  We lived on Logan Street when daddy went into the service.

From Logan Street, we moved back to Vivian, to house #3 below, that was the house that Wanda Ruth died in.  It also had a bathtub, where daddy made his wine.  From there we moved to Euclid Street, in Shreveport. That house had a small shed like building, in the back yard, along with a garage.  Also had a screened in front and rear porch.

From there, (it sounds like a broken record), we moved back to Vivian, to house #2, which was just a 2 room house.  We never did live in house #1 for some reason.  We went to school in Vivian, you had a teacher named Thigpin.  The number one song at that time was "I'm Walking the Floor Over You," by Earnest Tubb.  We used to come home, for lunch, quite often.

From Vivian, we moved to 1513 Madison; lived there for a number of years, which for us it was a really long time, and from there to Curtis Lane, then on to 1224 Hoadley.  Daddy and I went to Las Vegas, when we lived on Hoadley.  In Las Vegas, I stayed with Hazel, at 215 North 5th Street.  When I came back to Shreveport, I was invited to leave home, so I lost track of where the next move was.  Bud"

Granny's House

#1 The first house that Granny lived in, until she rented it out &
moved into house above.

#2 This was the house that Ralph and Lessie built in 1934 and
lived in for many years..

#3 We are not sure about this house.  Aunt Lessie thinks it was built
after the Josey families were gone.  Does anyone know?

#4 This was the house that mother and daddy built and where they lived
when I was born in 1934.  Address was 200 Bird St.


1513 Madison Avenue
Shreveport, LA
During the 1940's

1224 Hoadley Street
Shreveport, LA
During the early 1950's

675 Stoner Avenue
Shreveport, LA
Vacant lot- where our home was-similar to one above
During the mid 1950's

Southern Avenue Apartments
Shreveport, LA
During the mid to late 1950's

Unknown address
Shreveport, LA
Late 1950's
In October 2005, I went to Madison Street in Shreveport, LA, and took pictures of each house on the right side of the street where we lived in the 1940's. We were not all in agreement that the photo that I had taken previously in the 1990's was actually 1513 Madison.  So, to that degree, I am showing each house on
both sides of the street (Madison) from my
October 2005 trip below.

They begin on the right side of
Madison coming from Laurel Street to Dunlap, and then back up the other side of Madison.



Heable's Grocery Store on corner of Madison and Laurel

1st house on the right

2nd house on the right

3rd house on the right

4th house on the right

5th house on the right - Brown's House

6th house on the right - Sims' House

7th - Vacant lot next to Sims' house - 1513 Madison

8th - Vacant lot next to 1513 Madison

9th house on the right

10th house on the right - Last house
corner of Madison and Dunlap

Sign on corner of the last house shown to the left
as 1503 Madison - So, I am surmising that the blue house above that I have designated as 1513 in the 1990's was the correct one, and it has just been torn down now.

Vacant lot across the street on Madison and Dunlap

Vacant lot next the one on the left here

1st house next to the vacant lots across the street

2nd house next the one on the left

Next to the last house on the other side of the street

Last house on the other side of the street


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