The Josey-Sims Families 
 "Pioneers, Memories and Ladybugs"

Our son, Ron, and I went to a funeral for a friend recently and the story was told of our friend preparing to attend the funeral of a friend of hers and she saw a ladybug on her shoulder as she was going into the house.  She brushed it off outside.  When she arrived at the airport in another city later that day, another friend met her.  To her astonishment, her friend, unaware of it, had a ladybug on her shoulder.  The day after the funeral, our son, Ron, walked in his front door and his wife said "Ron, there is a ladybug on your shoulder."

When my sister, Betty, and I were in Tennessee in 1997, we found out that our Mother was critically ill.  We were just coming down on a ski-lift ride after hearing the news and I was remarking about how I did not know if I could deal with another loss, since I had just lost six very special people in my life within the past year.  At that moment, a ladybug landed on Betty's hand - up in mid air coming down a mountain!

We went to Shreveport and we lost Mother the next day.  We were in our hotel room and got the news early in the morning.  Our son, Ron, in the next hotel room, came into our room about an hour after we got the news and was pale and shaken, holding something in his hand.  It was a ladybug that was on the INSIDE of the window sill of his hotel room!  The day after I got home, a ladybug landed on my windshield as I was driving to work.  I have only seen a ladybug perhaps two or three times since then.

My question is: how often do you see ladybugs?  The story goes that when a loved one is lost, a ladybug appears to tell you that everything is all right.

When we left Shreveport, our brother, Bo, said he did not know how the plane got off the ground, carrying the heavy hearts that were on board.  There must have been a ladybug under each wing of the plane.

I have put the title on each of the family books that I am putting together:

"Pioneers, Memories and Ladybugs"

My reason for this title is that the generations that I am writing about were true pioneers, the likes of which we shall never see again, the memories I got first hand from so many of them and the ladybug part you have just learned about.

Having wanted to put together our family history for our entire family to enjoy and have as a keepsake, has been a long time coming on my list of things to do.  We hope our friends will enjoy this site too.

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