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Apparently, this is the cemetery where some of Chuck's mother's ancestors are buried.  If anyone has any further information, please do let us know.  We would love to have photos of as many of the headstones as possible.  Ratliff Cemetery - West Richlands - Does anyone know if this is in VA or WV?




I received a transcription of the marriage record of William Lafayette Hubble and Jane E. Ratcliff today from the Clerk's Office - Circuit Court of Tazewell, County.
It had the info that William and Jane's parents were
William Lafayette Hubble - parents were Joshua & Mary Hubble
Jane E. Ratcliff - parents were Shadrach & Elizabeth Ratcliff

Shadrack and Elizabeth Ratcliff  had Jane E. Ratcliff (born February 26, 1830) 

Jane married William Lafayette Hubble (born July 13, 1827) on November 27, 1855 in Tazewell, VA

From Claypool Hill red light turn left on RT 460 follow to Richlands.
Approx 5 1/2 miles site on right to left of Humana Complex.  This is the
Old Ratliff Cemetery located in West Richlands up on the hill where the
former Clinch Valley Hospital was located.

J. C. Reedy son of H.F. & S.C. Reedy 11/27/1890-1/25/1904
Capt. C.C. Pack 1/1/1888-6/27/1908
Wilma West 3/20/1887-1/23/1908
J.W. Shaw 2/27/1879-12/20/1907
Hurley C. Lane son of D.S.& M.E. Lane 5/28/1905-9/26/1906
George W. Buchanan 12/6/1861-3/2/1884
Fannie? M. Buchanan 12/23/1867-5/14/1887
A.C. Hamilton 6/26/1867-9/15/1901
I.H. Bassham died 4/9/1902 45y1m5d
Joseph T. Smith 11/13/1876-1/13/1901
Sarah J. Smith wife of M.D.L. Smith 4/6/1848-9/26/1907
Shaderick Ratliff died 10/20/1878 about 70y
Elizabeth Matney Ratliff wife of Shaderick Ratliff 2/18/1812-12/27/1892
Clarence Ratcliff son of Charles W. & Alice A. Ratcliff
Infant of Charles W. & Alice Ratcliff
Alice A. Ratcliff wife of Charles W. Ratcliff 3/29/1859-7/1/1888
Edgar Elizabeth Ratcliff Stuart daughter of Charles W. & Alice A. Ratcliff.
Wife of Edward
  R. Stuart.  Mother of Ray O., Bradford T. & Charles W. Stuart
Nannie J. Ratliff  wife of S.W. Ratliff 3/12/1847-7/4/1904
Albert P. McCahan son of M & Mary M. Ratcliff McCahan. 4/30/1894-9/7/1894
Shadrick W. Ratliff 1/5/1850-10/18/1889
Dollie Ratliff daughter of S.W. & Nannie J. Ratliff  9/23/1873-12/1/1889
Clarence Montgomery son of M.A. & L.N. Montgomery 4/3/1914-4/1/1917
C.N. Wilson 9/2/1884-10/23/1918
Fellmer E.H. Hogsten daughter of J.F. & L.B. Hogsten 6/11/1910-11/20/1918
Maggie E. Blevins 8/26/1911-3/5/1918
Taylor E. Jackson 10/9/1892-3/29/1930
Millard Estel Ball 9/25/1915-2/22/1920
Johnie Miles Hall 8/25/1918-2/14/1920
Paul Gratton McKenry son of J.A. & R.E. McKenry 8/4/1887-5/2/1901
Mozell Cruey 11/13/1920-7/9/1922

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