A Tribute To
Margie Sneed

Margie was a marvelous person, who sort of adopted our Josey family during WWII. 

Chuck and I were married in her home October 3, 1952. 

Margie is behind me with the pearl necklace

We always knew that Margie would be there for all of our family weddings, when many of the grandchildren were born, illnesses, surgeries, etc., anytime she was needed.  We were fortunate enough to have Margie fly to Alaska for Les and Jan's wedding and again when Rebeka was born.  For all of the other trips, Margie drove to Florida each time from Louisiana.  She would pack up that Buick trunk with all sorts of goodies and hit the road, get on her CB radio and tell the truckers that "this is Fancy Lady, can I get in the cradle?"  They let her pull in between them and they protected her all the way down the road.  She stopped and ate with them and had a blast. 

They don't make them like Margie anymore.
Margie was such a special part of our lives and we miss her very much.
These photos will be a reminder of her acts of kindness and the memories she left with all of our family.  Margie was like family to all of us.  She was only 69 when we lost her.

My, my, how Margie loved to dance.
She was 5' 2" and loved that song
"5 Foot Two - Eyes of Blue"

Margie Gould Sneed
Birth 24 April 1916
Death 14 December 1995
Tyler, Smith, Texas - USA
Per Ancestry.com - Social Security Records and 1930 census

Her husband (in the suit below - Malcolm (Pee Wee) Sneed
Last Residence - 71104 - Shreveport, LA, Caddo, Louisiana, USA
Born September 1901
Last Benefit - 71111 Bossier City, Louisiana, USA
Died December 1978
Per Ancestry.com - Social Security Records and 1920 census


About 1951-1952
Margie and Pee Wee always had a Christmas party for kids
who may not, otherwise, have much of a Christmas.
I was not in this one, but Angie is wearing a black jumper and white blouse standing right in front of Margie who is holding a baby.
Betty is holding something in her hand, on Angie's right.
Pat is directly in front of the little boy in the black sweater who is in front of Angie.

1980 - Here Margie is dancing with Chuck at the
50th Wedding Anniversary for Chuck's parents

Margie with Christopher Reeve
1986 New York City, NY
Margie and I were in New York sight seeing and happened to see Christopher Reeve looking in a store window, so we asked him if he would pose for a picture with each of us.  We were notorious for that.  This is the picture that I took of them, but the one that Margie took of me with him didn't turn out, doggone it!

Anchorage, AK
Governor of Alaska - 1982-1986

Margie Sneed and I were visiting with my son, Les, at the company where he worked in Anchorage, AK, and we saw this entourage come into the building.  Someone said the Governor of Alaska was arriving, and when he came over to shake our hands, we asked if we could have our picture taken with him.  He was gracious enough to oblige.  Very nice and personable, even after we told him that we could not vote for him, si
nce we were from Florida and Louisiana.  

1987 - At the end of our Helfrich Family Christmas Dinner
L-R - Jan, Margie, Jackie

1989 - Margie and Lauren Nicole Helfrich

Back Row - L-R - Ron, Bill, Les, Rebeka
Center Row L-R - Hana Osman, Jan, Heather, Elise and Lauren, Jackie - Chuck to the right
Sitting on coffee table - Our Margie

1992 - Margie having a big Sunday Breakfast with the Helfrich Family
Chuck's mother in pink blouse, Margie, Jackie, Les, Bill

1992 - Margie home for Bill's wedding - with Yumi's Mother


1993 - Last pictures taken of Rosa Hempe, (Margie's sister) Margie Sneed,
Jacqueline Josey Helfrich, Betty Josey Parbs at the nursing home in Texas, where
Margie spent the last couple of years of her life. 
We do miss her so much.
What a joy she had been in our lives!!!