Lorenz Helfrich - July 31, 1868 - November 14, 1943
Marie Herr - June 21, 1881 - February 27, 1914

These are my Helfrich grandparents and great-grandparents
 to the best of my knowledge


These are my dad's parents, Lorenz A. and Marie Herr/Helfrich - on their wedding day July 2, 1903 in Allegheny County, PA. 

Lorenz A. Helfrich was born July 31, 1868 in Scheinfeld, Germany.  He came to the United States in 1882 at the age of 14 or 15, was naturalized January 17, 1891, and he died November 14, 1943 and was cremated in Pittsburgh, PA.  

The picture of Lorenz to the right, was taken in the back yard at 3035 GlenMauer in Sheraden, PA, the home of one of his daughters, Theresa Julia Helfrich Miller.  The picture is courtesy of Sandra Brandon.  We are not sure of the date.



To the left is the home of Lorenz and Marie Herr Helfrich and the home at 13 Luty Avenue, in Pittsburgh, PA that Chuck's dad grew up in during the early1900's. 




This picture on the right  of Lorenz Helfrich, Jr. was taken in 1939.



Troy Hill at Winter Time - Courtesy of Betty Jean Lynch (Chuck's 1st cousin)


This is the road that led up the hill to Mt. Troy where the above home was.





The picture to the right here is from Mary Elizabeth McCoy Helfrich's collection, and it had no date on it, only the writing on the front, "Dad, Helfrich, Lorenzo." 

Lorenz became a citizen of the United States on January 17, 1881 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Here is a  picture below of  Lorenz's citizenship papers.

Helfrich, Lorenz on Hamburg

Helfrich, Lorenz - Hamburg Passenger List - Second entry


The Lorenz A. Helfrich Family About 1913 
Back Row - Theresa and Margaret
Center Row - Rose, Marie Herr Helfrich, Helen,
Lorenz A, Helfrich, Martha
Front Row - Edna and Herman  (Chuck's dad)

Lorenz A. Helfrich born July 31, 1868 in Germany - died November 14, 1943 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Lorenz married three times. 

Lorenz Helfrich, Sr. August 11, 1835 - December 21, 1898
Anna Maria Jacob Helfrich - January 1843 - March 19, 1902
Lorenz and Maria Jacob/Helfrich, Sr. had three children, 
all born in Germany:


Anna Maria Jacob Helfrich
January 1843 - 13 March 1902
Photo courtesy of Sandra Brandon



Lorenz, Helfrich, Jr. born July 31, 1868 and died November 14, 1943.  Lorenz the son of  Lorenz and Maria Jacob/Helfrich. Lorenz, Sr. who was born September 1835 in Werberg, Germany and he died December 21, 1898 in Werberg, Germany.  Maria Jacob was born in January 1843 in Scheinfield, Germany and she died March 13, 1902 in Werberg, Germany.  Sandra and I have a letter from the Archives Des Erzbispums Bamberg, Germany.  Sandra just sent me these two pictures below on June 18, 2004.  What a treasure they are to our entire family.  Thank you, Sandy!

Dorothy Helfrich was born 1874 and died about 1897.  In 1890, Dorothy  married Marcus (Max) Schehl who was born 1866 in Bavaria, Germany. They had Joseph Schehl born in 1891; Elisabeth Schehl born in 1892;  Lorenz Schehl born in 1894; Magdalena Schehl born in 1897.

Anna Barbara or Barbara Anna Helfrich born June 14, 1888 and died May 17, 1975 and she was a nun at the Kloster Maria Hilf Convent in Heindenfeld, Germany, with her given name in the convent of Mary Gerolda Helfrich.  Mary is buried at the Kloster Maria Hilf Convent in Heidenfeld, Germany - Religious Order Mary of Perpetual Help - Sandra Brandon has a letter in German that she had translated from the convent.  Pictured, to the left, courtesy of Sandra Brandon, is a picture of Barbara (Anna) before she entered the convent in Germany, where her . Below are pictures of the convent and Mary in her habit.




Mary Gerolda Helfrich June 14, 1888 -  May 17, 1975
 She was a nun at the Kloster Maria Hilf Convent 
Heindenfeld, Germany.  
Mary is buried at the Kloster Maria Hilf Convent in Heidenfeld, Germany - Religious Order Mary of Perpetual Help



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