Well, the whole gang was there....as many as could make it, that is.  We missed all of you who were unable to attend,
so we do hope this page will be of interest to many of you.  The two group pictures below are the best that we have.  How we miss Billy Plumb.

But, Chuck - even though he is not a professional photograher - did a good job with these and especially the ones on the next two pages. 
Plus the fact, that he is my editor - proofing everything for me.  No wonder he feels as if he is a classmate, huh?

It was great to see ya'll, and we look forward to the next reunion in two years.  If you want a copy of your pictures, send me your address, please. 
Turn up your volume, if you want to hear Faron Young singing "Funny How Time Slips Away".  Sorry for the download time; just be patient. 
Take care, all of you great people - they don't make them like us anymore, do they? 
Lots of hugs and best wishes until we meet again in 2009.

L-R - Begin at Back Row and come down - Harley Brown, Sam Goodwin, Melvin Buddenburg, David Sutton, Yvonne Sanford Betzing,
Lewis Ray Bryant, Jimmy St. Vigne, Annie Pearl Gunn Sawyer, Gay Cook England, Medy Thomas Preston, May Cook Spells, Jane Williams Russell,
Marian Tubbs Coonrod Hern, Sara Jane Poulan Goodwin, Rosalyn Lofley Kennedy, Betty Jane Black Robinson, Joy Tilley Fergus, Gale Bagley,
Dannye LePointe Neidren, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch, Sara Brocato Gegg, Dot Cole Bagley, Barbara Lunsford Hays, Ferne Dilbeck Lawrence,
Louise Pons Williams, Ruben Morris, Glenn Pickett, Roy Holder,
Jacqueline Josey Helfrich


Betty Jane Black Robinson has moved up in the world since our last reunion, where she attended in a K-Mart special bag dress. 
This time, in 2007, she came in her Sak's version. 
We knew that she went to NY last month, but we had no clue she was going shopping there for something to show up the rest of us.
Dig her coke cups, pizza cutter?, mustard, ketchup, sugar packets, napkins, one with a black fork, etc.
Betty Jane is now really uptown - she has arrived, folks. 


October 2007 - Picture that Chuck took of Shreveport from Bossier City, LA

10-2007 - Picture found in the library in Vivian, LA

10-2007 - Picture found in the library in Vivian, LA - Faron Young and others

10-2007 - Picture found in the library in Vivian, LA - Dot Peeler, Bob Shirley and others

Reunion Committee performing for us - A really cute skit - Picture taken by Ann Holder