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What a fun scout trip for the Boy Scouts Troop 135 in 1970 when they had the opportunity to go to Kauai for a scout camp-out.  In the picture above, Bill is to the far right, in the black jacket, Paul the second from the left on the front row and Ron next to him.  Les is on the back row, directly behind Paul.  Since Paul was not old enough at the time to be a scout, he was allowed to along on all of these camp-outs, as a mascot.

Les - Bill - Chuck Helfrich - 1963

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Chuck Cubmaster and Bill is first one on the left

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Jackie on front row and Les is #4 and Bill is #5 from my left



1970 - Chuck (scoutmaster) watching Paul blow out candles on his cake at a scout meeting, with Les looking on


Apparently, we lost the "2" from Pack 402 as listed above

The four pinewood derby cars - 1960's
top to bottom
Bill's - Les's - Ron's - Paul's

1965 - Chuck (left) - K. I. Sawyer AFB - Michigan

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Bill's Eagle Project
Scouting was a big part of Les's childhood years.
He was the bugler for his troop and he really enjoyed the trip to Camp Philmont in NM
Plus, he was a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.

Between all four guys, they have quite a good sized scrapbook of
scouting badges/insignia

Daniel Thomas Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Cub Scout 
9 years old - October 4, 2003 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

 "I remember the first cub scout campout that I went to.  It was scary, because I did not know anybody.  The first thing we did was go get a snack and a drink.  It was cold in the morning and the afternoon was warm.  We played lots of games, racing, relays, had a bonfire and told scary stories. 

When the Pinewood Derby came around, I won all of the trials until the very last one, where I came in third out of 40 contestants.  The picture to the right is the derby that I won with, along with the two trophies in front of me.
My rank is bear."     

Michael Allen Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Cub Scout

13  years old - May 23, 2004 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

"I reached the rank of bear in the cub scouts.  I think I went to five campouts over those years.  We had a huge bonfire at one of them, higher than our house.  We had to back way up because the embers were flying out at us.  The fire was set in a triangle shape area inside the circle.  We were clearing an area and when we put the palm fronds into the fire, it really went high.  The next campout was weird because there was a raccoon in our area, and he got into our tent, because someone had not closed their food container.
When we left the camp, there were about 100 Volkswagons coming toward us, because they had a VW show nearby.   
I enjoyed the pinewood derby races. I still have the car that my dad and I built, but it needs repairing. 


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