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Julia Marie Helfrich's Memories of Being a Brownie Scout
7 years old - October 4, 2003 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

"I remember my first brownie scout campout where we had to walk a lot and then we sang scout songs.  We had to do a lot of the crafts, almost all day, and we did not get to play that much.  And, we had to sleep on the floor in the cabin, and the showers did not work, so we did not get to take a shower.  We all got a bunny that had a T-shirt."

Amy Hanako Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Girl Scout 
10  years old - September 6, 2004 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

"I joined the girl scouts a year ago and, to date, I have earned 30 badges.  My 
favorite badges are for ice skating, roller skating, camping and selling girl scout cookies.  In girl scouts, we have learned much about knots, arts and crafts. 

So far, I have only been on one campout, but I really enjoyed that one.  My best friend, Kristin, is also in scouting with me.  At the campout, we cooked smores on the campfire, and sat around talking.  We went hiking, but did not get to swim because it was too cold.  They taught us about animals and plants at camp. 

I hold a rank of Junior at this time."


Heather Lynn Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Girl Scout 
16  years old - September 7, 2004 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

"I was in brownies, juniors, cadets, and one year senior.  I probably earned close to 100 badges.  My favorite badges were photography, volunteering (at library and VA Community) and reading.

I did not get to go on any campouts.  Encampment, which is a big event, was a lot of fun.  The state fair grounds holds an event for about 3,000 girl scouts who attend, and it lasts for about three days.  We had a great time, learning how to do karate, arts, drawing, went to a concert and had fun. Niki was my best friend in scouts.  We stayed in tents, told ghost stories, and I remember that one of our leaders told the best ghost stories. 

We learned about plants, animals and survival techniques.   What plants were edible, poisonous, if touched, such as cow parsnip - it can give you a bad case of hives, and devils' club - if you break the limb off of the plant, and get the ooze/sap on your fingers, you will break out in a rash, etc.  Those are my most memorable girl scout events.

JROTC -  Junior reserve operations training corps. just made a staff position and I am now their official photographer for the corps, using a digital camera."   


Lauren Nicole Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Girl Scout 
17  years old - May 23, 2004 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 

"My most memorable thing about the girl scouts is that I sold a lot of girl scout cookies over the years.  As to campouts, we did not tell stories around the campfire, but we watched movies in the cabins. We slept in cabins, not tents.  I remember we had barbeques at the campouts, which was in Ocala.  One of the girls got into poison ivy, so we were taught to recognize that plant very quickly.  They attempted to teach us how to use a compass, but mine was broken, so I never did learn how to read one.   I do remember that there were always lots of bugs at the campouts.  

My favorite picture was in my daisy uniform.  My best friends, Jessica, Salem and Megan, were also in scouts with me.  I was in the scouts - daisy to brownie to girl scouts - for three to four years."

Rebeka Ann Helfrich's  Memories of Being a Girl Scout 
18  years old - September 6, 2004 -  Interviewer:  Grammy 




Rebeka receiving her Silver and Bridging Award

Working on my Gold Award which is the highest Girl Scout award (almost finished)


Rebeka received her GOLD AWARD on December 19, 2005!!!!!
See January 31, 2006 article below

"I went into the brownie scouts at the age of seven and mainly earned badges as opposed to camping out.  I remember "Thinking Day" which was an International Day where each troop represented a country, and my troop represented the Congo.  We had to do a lot of research on the Congo and had to make a dish that they make in the Congo which had rice in it.  The other brownie scouts actually ate it, too.

In the 4th grade, I bridged up to a junior rank, I met up with the current troop and spent one year trying to get as many badges as possible and that was not so much fun.  After that, we worked only on fun badges, such as crafts, arts, and cooking.  We also went to encampments, where girl scout troops from all over the states and even from other countries attended.  The first one was the main event and it rained the entire time - for three days.  We got a badge that stated "we survived the rain event."

The next encampment I missed because I was in Florida. Glad I missed it though, because some of the girls had heat stroke during that time.  They also got yelled at for having water fights.

The last one I went to, there was lightning, rain, sun, high winds, and we were quite busy trying to save our tents which were blowing away.  Some of the tents got torn and had holes in them, and then it poured down rain, and we had about three inches of rain in our tents.  Needless to say, we all had to bail out early, not making it through the night.  We also taught the younger girl scouts how to make box ovens.

I enjoyed the scouts, it was lots of fun.  The silver award is the second highest award that a girl scout can earn.  For that award, seven of us divided up like the Hawaiian Islands; Lanai was my island, and I was assigned the native food.  I brought in pineapple chunks, leichi, papaya, and mango.  We did swimming games, and tag games.

As of this date, I am working on the Gold Award, which is equivalent to the Boy Scouts' Eagle.
I hope to have that achieved by the summer of 2005."

Left - Rebeka Ann Helfrich - December 19, 2005

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