M/Sgt. Herman Andrew Helfrich - U. S. Army -  WW II

There were so many pictures of Herman Andrew Helfrich in England and Europe that it is only appropriate to set up a separate page for those pictures only.  We hope you enjoy them. 

We would like to think of this as a page of history for our children and grandchildren.  This picture to the left of Herman Andrew Helfrich was taken in 1946 in Rheims, France. 


He wrote on the back of the picture that he did not know the picture was being taken.  Doesn't he look like the tough top sergeant? 

Well, he was a first sergeant.



1944 - January - Camp Breckenridge, KY
Herman Andrew lower right

1944 - England -  Herman right sitting row (with cigarette)
Probably just before they shipped out for D-Day

1944 - England
Herman Andrew Helfrich on back far right


1944 - England
Herman Andrew Helfrich - Center


1944 - No location on photo
Herman Andrew Helfrich

1944 - Bierburg, Luxembourg
Herman Andrew on left


1944 - Verdun, France
Herman Andrew Helfrich

1944 - Verdun, France
Herman Andrew Helfrich



Herman A. Helfrich in the middle with two buddies - Germany - 1945

Herman Andrew's picture with his handwriting:
"90 SS troopers per truck off for a 6 hour drive to their trial - Germany


February 3, 1945
Herman Andrew Helfrich's
83rd Infantry Division
Newspaper Article on the Bulge

In dad's memorabilia, we found this original newspaper from World War II. 

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Herman Andrew Helfrich's outfit was in the

Omaha Beach invasion

1946 - Rheims, France
Herman Andrew Helfrich

1945 - Truman Bridge -
Not sure who is in picture
Notice the 83rd Thunderbolt Division on the sign.

1945 - Germany
Herman Andrew Helfrich

1948 - Siegfried Line
The Siegfried Line was instrumental during WW II in

1944 and 1945 in Europe. It was constructed in the period

after the remilitarisation of the Rhineland in 1936, and

it stretched for 300 miles from the north to the Swiss Border

and contained about 14,000 pillboxes. The line

was, apparently, a formidable defense for the Germans

and was very effective in keeping Allied tanks from entering

Germany, per Herman Andrew Helfrich. He took this picture.

Sources - Internet and Herman A. Helfrich


Herman Andrew Helfrich receiving the Bronze Star


Chuck's brother, Sonny, and their dad,
Herman A. Helfrich
Stationed in Germany together
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Herman Andrew Helfrich - On far left - arm in front of him with cap on
1954 - Gas Chamber at Fort Belvoir, VA
This photo had a lot of tears (bad spots) on it, and Sandra Brandon made it like NEW!  Thanks, Sandra.

March 31, 1956 - Herman Andrew Helfrich
Retiring from the U.S. Army

March 31, 1956 - Herman Andrew Helfrich
Retiring from the U.S. Army - Wife, Mary Helfrich looking on


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