The Collins Families figured quite prominently in the life of my mother,

Cleo Sims Josey

Mother's paternal grandmother, (mother of James Bradley Sims, Jr.)
who reared mother much of her life, was from this family.
Shown below are several Collins articles I have collected over the years.


Little River News archives show that
A. T. Collins was 65 years of age at his death

A.T. Collins was
Little River County Judge 1928-1930,
Sheriff 1910-1914 & 1923-1926

Collins, Arthur T. - Born May 15, 1874 - Died May 6, 1939
(Pvt 2 Ark Inf) (G03-10)

Arthur T. Collins was a son of
Abraham and Amelia (Pamelia) Angelina Horan Collins
(These were my gg-grandparents) 

Arthur T. Collins was a brother of
Jemima Elizabeth (Bettie) Collins Sims
(mother's grandmother).

So, that makes Arthur T. Collins my great granduncle.

DeQueen, AR Centennial History
1897 - 1997

Page 28 - Some of the early families in the boomtown were the Collins, Lakes and Lambrights, all from the county seat of Lockesbrug, AR.  Locksburg was named for the Locke family.  It was such a forested area that it took two years to clear by burning.  Others flocked in from the surrounding communities.

Page 32 - Course prepared for colleges or businesses.  Board can be had at from $7 to $15 per month.  Tuition, first grade $1.25 per month, and 25 cents in addition for every grade in advance.  If you expect to attend school,
write for particulars to R. H. Kalb,
A. B. or T. W. Collins, L.I. Principals.

Page 38 - Abe Collins'  house was at
Seventh and Heynecker

Collections of Sevier County Writers

Page 121 - By late October, 1901, because of the large enrollment,
Abe Collins, age 14, was added to the staff of teachers - September 6, 1901.

Professor Kalb, W. H. Butcher, Miss., Lucy Gray, Ms. Nola Gray, Miss, Pearl Norman,  Brownstown, Miss

Page 137 - Another early name is Abraham Collins.  An obituary is found of Mrs. Collins who came to Brownstown in 1858.  She died in Grannis at the age of 80.  Her husband, Abe Collins, died 39 years ago being County Judge at the time. 
It was described as the passing of a pioneer lady.

Her grandson, Abe Collins, attended her funeral at Mena. 


Vol. 5 - Pg 80

On April 1899, the school honor roll published in the Bee listed following names of those who made the list - Abe Collins - score 95.


October 19, 1919, the board noted to let the teachers attend the AR teachers Association Meeting. 
Mr. Abe Collins was elected to fill the unexpired term on the board, replacing Drummond.



Abraham and Amelia Collins settled in Brownstown in 1858. 
He was County Judge in Sevier County from 1874 - 1876
Died 1877

(Again, my GG-Grandparents)

09-28-05 - From Ancestry.Com

ID: I243
Name: Isaac McClendon (Clem) COLLINS
Sex: M
Birth: 10 AUG 1834 1 in Alabama 2 1
Death: 4 MAR 1917 in Glendale, Maricopa Co, AZ
Burial: 6 MAR 1917 The Liberty Cemetery, Liberty, Maricopa Co, AZ 3
Note: I.M. Collins (45), Mary E. (41 AR), Nancie (12 AR), Thomas A. (9 CA), James (8 CA), Columbus (6 CA), Mary A. (4 CA), Robert Beloat (SSon 18 AR), John R. Beloat (SSon 17 AR) in 1880 Cucamonga, San Bernardino Co, CA, US Census, pg 459B.
Note: -
Note: Migration: 1834 born in AL -> 1840 and 1850 censuses in MS with parents -> 1866 married in AR -> 1868/9 moved to CA lived there through at least 1880 Census -> ?Year moved to AZ and died there in 1919.
Note: -
"In 1885 Clem Collins donated an acre of land next to the Free Methodist Church for a cemetery. The first burial (at least the oldest one now with a stone) was for John R. Beloat: 1863-1892. John's brother, William R. Beloat, appears to
be the most elderly: 1861-1954, 92 years. These men were step-sons of Mr. Collins. " From
Note: -
Note: Collins, Issac McClardon
Note: Born 1834
Note: Date: January 1, 1919
Note: Location: A-8-4
Note: Alphabetical List By Name Of Persons Buried At Liberty Cemetery Liberty, Maricopa, Arizona
Note: -
Note: These Collins girls married on the same day in Maricopa Co, AZ and have some family names. Perhaps they are related to Isaac:
Note: SEARS George W. COLLINS, Martha E. June 28, 1899
Note: CLUNE William T. COLLINS Mary McClendon June 28, 1899
Change Date: 11 APR 2005

Father: Isaac COLLINS b: 1785 in Georgia (also Southern GA or Cherokee Co)
Mother: Jemima BAGGETT b: 1790 in South Carolina
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Marriage 1 Mary Eliza (Eliza) WRIGHT b: 1838 in AR
Married: 22 JUL 1866 in De Queen, Sevier Co, AR
Nancie Jermima COLLINS b: 11 SEP 1868 in Brownstown, Cleburne, AR
Thomas A. COLLINS b: 1871 in CA
James COLLINS b: 1873 in CA
Columbus COLLINS b: 1874 in CA
Mary A. COLLINS b: 1876 in CA

Name: 1850 Pontotoc Co, MS Census, Reel No: M432-436 p 111-111B
Name: Alphabetical List By Name Of Persons Buried At Liberty Cemetery Liberty, Maricopa, Arizona


Court House in Sevier County, AR

This is where many of our Collins ancestors worked

from what I have gathered from many relatives.

It has been reported that they were quite

prominent in the community.

Unknown Collins lady above. Does anyone know her?

Abram and Adeline Horan Collins were my gg-grandparents - Jackie


Abraham (Abram) Collins (1824-1879) & Pamelia Adeline (Adeline) Horan (1836-1916)

    Clara Antoinette Collins (1853-) & Henry Clay Carter (1841-)

        James Carter (1883-)

        Edward Carter (1883-)

        Albert Carter (1887-1960) & Lou Langston

        Jesse Carter (1889-1960) & Hallie Bean

        Lonnie Carter (1889-)

    Walter Henry Collins (1854-1916) & Frances Ellen (Fannie) Steel (1860-1943)

        Thomas Abe "Abe" Collins (1885-1957) & Ollie Laurel Umbaugh (1887-)

            Mary Frances Collins (1916-1998) & William Payne Alston

            Thomas Abe Jr "Sonny" Collins (1924-1962)

        Alice Gwen Collins (1890-1962) & Evan Ross Moon (1891-1967)

            Ellen Pauline (Polly) Moon (1917-) & James Lyle Hill (1914-1996)

            Miriam Moon (1919-1999) & Donald Alvin Wittig (1915-1990)

                Craig Alvin Wittig (1946-1992)

            Evan Elbert Moon (1922-1923)

        Frances Ellen (Nell) Collins (1893-1976) & William Virgil Evans (1891-1976)

            Dana Ellen Evans (1922-) & Clayton (Clay) Farrar (1915-)

        Pauline Steel "Polly" Collins (1896-) & Allen William Rice (1890-)

        Walter Henry Collins (1902-) & Helen Graham (1906-)

    Margaret A. Collins (1856-)

    Jemima Elizabeth (Bettie) Collins (1857-) & James Bradley Sims

        Thomas Sims

        Henry Sims

        Grace Sims (1882-) & Walter Ray

            Swan Ray  & Charles Lake

            Walter L. Ray  & Wright

            Ruth Ray  & H. L. Hunt

        Dixie Sims  & Leon Hardy

        Vera Sims

        Brad Sims

    Martha Adelia Collins (1858-1900) & John Frank Johnson (1854-1923)

        John Maxie Johnson (1881-1949) & Ora Louise Hanna (1884-)

            John Chester Johnson  & Gladys Opal Birch

            Erin Cathleen Johnson (1907-)

            Samuel Paul Johnson (1909-1963)

        Cecil Ernest Johnson Judge (1888-1955) & Pearl Harrison (1892-1990)

            Cecil Ernest Jr Johnson (1916-1987) & Eudora Warren

                Jeanette Marie Johnson (1924-) & Huston Knight

            Jeanette Marie Johnson (1924-1985) & Huston Knight

            Leola M. Johnson  & Roy Cowling

        Leola M. Johnson  & Roy Cowling

    William Isaac Collins (1860-)

    James Wesley Collins (1861-1870)

    Mary Catherine (Kate) Collins (1862-) & Martin Manan Cochran Rev. (1851-1906)

        Mercer M. Cochran (1885-1956) & Mary Mollie Sneep or Sneed

        Bessie Cochran (1888-)

        Minnie Abe Cochran (1890-)

        Mary Edna Cochran (1891-)

        Pearl Gertrude Cochran (1893-)

        Ellie Cochran (1893-)

        Homer W. Cochran (1896-)

        Thomas Cochran (1898-)

    Gertrude Collins (1864-) & Robert Pickens

        Emma Pickens  & Caldwell

        Thomas Pickens

        David Pickens

    John M. Collins (1866-1870)

    Robert A. Collins (1867-1870)

    Thomas W. Collins (1869-1939) & Maggie Bradford (1882-1956)

        Ruby Collins (1905-) & Richard Patton

        Grace Collins (1907-) & Robt F. Allen

    Joseph Edward Collins (1871-1953) & Mary Eloise Mosely (1874-1951)

        Mary Edith Collins (1900-)

        Joseph Edward Jr Collins (1902-)

        Phillip Abram Collins (1905-)

    Arthur Temple Collins (1874-1939) & Daisy Wimberly (1876-1939)

        Ruth Collins (1908-)

    Sally Ann Collins (1873-)

    Pauline Wright (Pollie) Collins (1875-1954) & Oliver Webster Farrar M.D. (1869-)

        Mildred Ione Farrar (1901-) & Lawrence L. Culver

Courtesy of Patty Mallory Combined With My Data



Abe Collins Home - Sevier County, AR

Source - Sevier County Historical Society Museum

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