Officers' Club
Barksdale AFB, LA

Jacqueline Josey Helfrich
Class of 1952



Chuck and Jacqueline Josey Helfrich


May Cook Spells, Daisy Lemoine,  Gay Cook England,  Jacqueline Josey Helfrich

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Lewis Ray Bryant and Glenn Pickett




Glenn Pickett - Our Master of Ceremonies


Irv & Bev Heard, Mary Ann & Philip Kircus and Jacqueline Josey Helfrich




Glenn & Clarice Pickett

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Lewis Ray and Margie Bryant



The Fair Park High School Golden Reunion

A Poetic Tribute By Irving Heard, Class of '52
Our graduation class of Nineteen Fifty Two
Invited all members to assemble anew
They sent invitations both far and wide
"All seniors come forth with spouse by side!"

So I said to the wife "Do you think we should go,
It's not your reunion, there's no one you'd know"
"Don't be silly she said, it'll be a riot"
Then she hid all my beer and put me on a diet

Then the big day arrived amid much anticipation
Time to greet the Tribe of the Fair Park Nation
But after fifty years I wondered what was ahead
Would anyone care, if I were alive, or dead?

Well I drove my rental into the parking lot
While another gentleman took the next spot
But the guy that jumped out must 'a been a wit
Cause he told my wife she hadn't changed a bit

Then the gala began and I did little but stare
Who were all these people with all the silver hair
Then one by one my old memories took hold
And like a miracle not a single person looked old

Then I recognized Glen and Jackie and Mary Ann
Then Gay, May, and Fern, then both Bob and Sam
I remembered Harley, Betty Jane, Danny and Joy
And Larry and Phillip, and Sara, Medy and Roy

And so many friends who served the committees
Like Martha and Rosalyn and dear, dear Louise
So many people wanting to shake my hand
Like Gloria and Harold and Bill, Dot and Dan

The love in the eyes and the feelings of trust
Brought back all the good things in all of us
We have mastered vocations from A to Z
And some gave their lives that we might be free

Our angels were remembered like Davis and Young
And so many others whose names were sung
Our beloved teachers could shout out loud
For this is a class that would make any school proud

And then it all ended as friends hugged goodbye
Why I stayed away so long I'll never know why
And I proclaim right now as I sign off my letter
I can hardly wait for our next get together

God bless the students of Fair Park High School

Copied with permission of Irv Heard

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