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We have all seen many seasons come and go in our lifetimes.  But, in our wildest dreams, none of us had any idea what a great time we would all have at the upcoming 2005 FPHS 53rd class reunion October 7-8-9-2005 in Bossier City, LA 

We set the town on fire, didn't we?  We even had one of FPHS's finest there, a classmate of 1951, Lorenz "Lo" Walker, who is now the Mayor of Bossier City, LA.  We had such a marvelous time, and our hats are off to the committee for all of their hard work.  We know there is so much involved  in putting that many events together.  You all make us look forward to our 55th reunion in two short years.  Many thanks to each and everyone of you.  GREAT JOB!!

NOW...... if you are wondering about the significance of the rose in the headline, it is to do with our top star of the reunion, Betty Jane Black Robinson.  WHY?  Just wait until you get to the part about the picnic below and you will see why.  But, read the "Scenario" first. 

Friday Noon

FPHS Catfish Lunch - 10-07-05

Left to right

Row 1
Jacqueline Josey Helfrich, Betty Jane Black Robinson, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch,
Sara Brocato Gegg, May Cook Spells, Gaye Cook England  

Row 2
Joe May, Raymond LeMoine, Sara Jane Poulan Goodwin,
Sam Goodwin, Lewis Ray Bryant,  Mary Frances Ross Hines, Roy Holder

Row 3

Keith Matherne, Mack Oglesby, Philip Kircus, Glenn Pickett,
James Garrard, David Sutton, Bill Akin, Johnny Reynolds


Mary Frances Ross Hines, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch, Raymond LeMoine,

Glenn Pickett, Sara Jane Brocato Gegg

Jacqueline Josey Helfrich


This set of photos courtesy of Bill Plumb

Bill and Betty Jane Black Robinson




This set courtesy of Bill Plumb

Mack Oglesby, Roy Holder, Keith Matherne


Click photo to see what great company Mayor Lorenz "Lo" Walker  is in now!


Friday Night

Front Row - L-R
Rosalyn Lofley Kennedy, May Cook Spells, Medy Thomas Preston,
Marian Tubbs Coonrod, Carole Ann Mosely Bryan,  Sara Brocato Gegg,
Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch, Sara Jane Poulan Goodwin, Jacqueline Josey Helfrich

Second Row - L-R
Buddy Williams, Pat McPhearson Brand, Dan Smith, Jane Williams Russell,
Betty Jane Black Robinson, Gaye Cook England, Louise Pons Williams

Third Row - L-R   
James Garrard, Lewis Ray Bryant, Roy Holder, Barbara Lunsford Hayes,

Fourth Row - L-R
Mack Oglesby, Roger Bell?, Keith Matherne, Sam Goodwin,
Raymond LeMoine, David Sutton, Betty Simmons Adkins

Right Side - L-R
 Larry Mulloy, Glenn Pickett, Joe May, Philip Kircus



Front row L-R Carole Ann Mosely Bryan, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch, Sara Brocato Gegg,

Back row L-R Raymond LeMoine, Joe May, Jacqueline Josey Helfrich, Glenn Pickett, Buddy Williams


Coach Clem Henderson, Philip Kircus, Joe May


This set of photos - courtesy of Bill Plumb

Jake and Gaye Cook England Kupelian


This set of photos courtesy of Bill Plumb

Keith and Barbara Lunsford Hays



This set is courtesy of Bill Plumb

Lewis Ray and Margie Bryant



Saturday Noon - Park Picnic and Beautiful Cake

Front Row - L-R
Jane Williams Russell, Gaye Cook England Kupelian, Betty Simmons Adkins

Second Row - L-R
Annie Marie Rhinchuso Knight, Medy Thomas Preston, Betty Jane Black Robinson,
Sara Jane Poulan Goodwin, May Cook Spells

Third Row - L-R
Marian Tubbs Coonrod, Carole Ann Mosely Bryan, ?
Jacqueline Josey Helfrich, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch

Fourth Row - L-R
Barbara Lunsford Hayes, Carole Ann Mosely Bryan, Maxene Simon Calvert, Dan Smith,
Philip Kircus, Sam Goodwin, Larry Mulloy, Glenn Pickett

Fifth Row - L-R
Jackie Calvert, Roy Holder, James Garrard



Our Second Hand Rose Scenario:

Betty Jane Black Robinson was sitting next to Jackie - The temperature was dropping and the rain began.  Betty Jane was eating chicken and said she was cold.  Jackie offered "when you finish with your chicken, wash your hands and then you can put them in my deep sweater pocket."  Betty Jane responded with rubbing those ice cold chicken tainted hands around Jackie's neck, not once but twice.  Needless to say, Jackie scared everyone in the park with her ear piercing screeching screams.  Jane Williams Russell said "Jackie, don't let her get away with that," to which Jackie replied "just wait a few minutes." 

Then, Jackie told Betty Jane to cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag, then two holes for her arms, slip it over her head and that would keep her warm.  Betty Jane was cold enough to oblige immediately.  Jackie (planning to get that once in a lifetime "Kodak Moment Shot") said "now, go put your hand on the trash basket."  The next thing we know, Betty Jane was standing there with her head in the trash receptacle, yelling out, "Jackie, there's a beer bottle in here!"  She truly thought Jackie had told her to put her head in the trash can. 

Oh well, revenge is so sweet.  But, what a good sport Betty Jane is, and she does make every reunion so much fun.  We always look forward to seeing her again.  What a great spirit she has.  Luv ya, Betty Jane. 


P.S.  Jane, I got her!!! 

Betty Jane - Our Second Hand Rose/Shining Star 


Is Betty Jane recruiting more bag lady prospects, hmmmm?


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