If anyone sees a mistake, please let me know about it. Jackie

Front Row
May Cook Spells, Carole Ann Moseley Bryan, Rosalyn Lofley Kennedy, Marian Tubbs Coonrod,
Annie Marie Rinchuso Knight, Gaye Cook England, Mary Ann Teddlie Veatch, Sara Brocato Gegg,
Jane Williams Russell, Nell Rose Vaughn Lewis, Tony Lewis,
Betty Jane Black Robinson, Raymond Lemoine, Roy Holder

Second Row
Frances Hoover Roddy, Medy Thomas Preston, Barbara Lunsford Hays, Sara Jane Poulan Goodwin,
Irving Heard,  Pat McPhearson Brand, Louise Pons Williams, Betty Simmons Adkins, Maxene Simon Calvert,
Joe May, Jacqueline Josey Helfrich, Philip Kircus

Third Row
Keith Matherne, Glenn Pickett, Virginia Lynch Hickman, Sam Goodwin, James Garrard, Larry Mulloy, David Sutton,
Coach Clem Henderson, Tommy Sanders, Colbert Akin, Dan Smith, Harley Brown,
A. L. Williams, Jackie Calvert, Johnny Reynolds, Mack Oglesby

Total - 42 - Not shown is Bill Plumb, our class photographer


Irv Heard - Philip Kircus
We are all so glad we found these two lost lambs



James and Beverly Garrard




Jacqueline Josey Helfrich & Rosalyn Lofley Kennedy


This set of photos courtesy of Bill Plumb

Annie Marie Rinchuso Knight and who?



Irv and Bev Heard


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This set is courtesy of Bill Plumb

Mary Ann Teddlie and Claude Veatch




Chuck and Jacqueline Josey Helfrich


Clarice and Glenn Pickett

Irv and Beverly Heard


Sammy Armenio 10-02-97
Jackie Attaway 03-17-99
Tommy Backer 01-09-72
Jerry Best
Jane Biagioli Stringer
Sam Bordelon, Jr. 12-23-98
John A. Brocato 11-30-01
Cleveland Brown 05-05-74
Mary Frances Burton DeMoss 10-30-05
Dalton Clark 02-17-89
Joan Cook Cowan 04-??-05
Janice Carey Kent 02-12-89
Euell Carter
Kathryn Cascio Clay 02-04-85
Alice Clanton 03-06-83
Alice Dean Coon 12-05-01
Taris Cooper 09-13-04
Tommy Davis 04-20-87
James (Jim) Duncan 11-08-00
Jerry Lynn Fleming
Minnie Jean Ford Wren 04-15-92
Kenneth P. Fountain 07-20-90
Jack Garrison 03-02-83
Patrick Green 11-11-98
Gene Gibson
Ernest Gullion 02-10-05
Peggy Givens Roberts 12-12-68
Pat Godfrey Robbins
Charles R. Gray 10-28-85
Max Hall 10-09-05
Mary Lou Henson Hutto 01-14-01
James Harris
Durel Hicks 07-03-01
Patricia Hill Bobbit 04 or 05?
Gloria Hillier
Lain Hindman 09-23-05
Fred Hodge 11-16-86
Edward Hollingsworth 08-26-96
Emma Jean Humphrey Tokach 03-14-96
Nancy Janes
Patsy Nell Jeffcoat
Jerry Jean 08-??-01
Bruce Jones 10-27-90
Russell Jorgansen 12-23-67
Jimmy Jordan 10-27-96
Eddie Ray Knight 11-20-02
Sharon Kopecky Backer 07-03-03
Ray Kretzinger 01-05-96
Charles LaLena 11-27-91
Lewis Lovett
Jimmie Jean Martin Weileder 09-04-92
Jimmy Maxcy ??-??-03
Elsie Octavia Maxwell Dodez 08-03-81
Ann McCravy
Vetta Lee Meyers Blake 05-22-02
John M. Murphy, Jr. 08-13-90
Gloria Myrick
Sam Neal 06-14-99
Dickie Patrick 01-05-01
Sue Patterson
Robert Price 08-23-90
Barbara Rambin
Davidson Reeves
Earl Sandefur 03-30-89
Percy Sharp (7-3-03)
Juanita Shaw
Dan Sims 03-04-64
Clifford W. Stacks 06-26-05
Tommy Stevens 05-26-86
William Teal 05-13-94
Bobby Tucker 02-08-02)
Michael Uli
Beverly Walton Barnes 10-10-91
E. A. Wilson
Royce Wilson 08-01-84
Don Williams 03-21-91
Bobby Wischan 11-03-97
Benny Woods
Wayne Woodard
Bill Wren 01-13-02
Sam Yard 01-09-78
Faron Young 12-10-96

[email protected]
Jimmy and Joy Rogers

[email protected]
Gilbert Lawton

[email protected]
Gloria Rosenblum/Tooke

[email protected]
Dolores Green Evans

[email protected]
Larry and Carol Mulloy

[email protected]
Virginia Lynch Hickman

[email protected]
Roger Bell

[email protected]
Kent and Jo Nell Swiney McMath

[email protected]
Jimmy St. Vigne

[email protected]
David Ridge



Billy Anderson/Ouida
Elizabeth Grace Bailey
Bernice Best
Emogene Blair
Barbara Crunk (Copeland)
Rhetta Cryer
Charles L. Castor(n) - Judson, TX
Milton Fitzgerald
Payton Foster
Bob Fuson - Oklahoma City
Richard Gee
Janice Gentry
James Green - Wills Point, TX
Mary Jo Moore
Robert Nicholson
Joyce Ogburn
Pat Patterson
Dorothy Porter
Philip Rawls
Shirley Ray
Lorraine Rhodes
William Wayne Rivers
Gloria Robertson Smith/Steve Smith
Charles Sava (Lois) (died?)
Jacqueline Simpson
Jerry Trigg


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Irv read the following at the 53 rd reunion and
brought the house down with a standing ovation and
not a dry eye in the house:


Jackie...here is a rough remembrance of my intro to the poem.
It was spontaneous and not planned nor written...

When I left Fair Park, I went into the Navy and ended up in California.  During that time, my parents passed away and I had no home base left in Louisiana; so I decided to make a new life in California.  I entered the University of California which later led to a successful business career.  I married and raised a family. Before the blink of an eye, fifty years had gone by; but there were many times I thought about my school days and the friends I had at Fair Park. 

One evening while at my computer, I found the Classmates web site and, subsequently, found Fair Park, then the Class of 1952.  Great longings and memories came forth as I looked at the names of my classmates.  One name in particular stood out and that was a little red haired girl named Jackie.  I was hesitant to start any sort of communication as to go back fifty years for any reason may have it's peril...you never know what you're getting into.  But my longing to make contact after all these years was stronger than my fear of the unknown and I sent her a brief message, then turned off the computer.  The next evening I got a phone call and a voice asked "Is this Irving Heard from Fair Park High School," and I said yes...The voice on the other end was Jackie Josey and she screamed: "We have found you!".  Nothing in my life will surpass the feeling of good will from that statement and it gave me the courage to eventually come home to my friends at Fair Park.  Jackie eventually put me in contact with Glenn Pickett, my oldest childhood friend, who sent me the tickets to attend our Golden Reunion celebration.

Following the reunion while on my return to California I asked the flight attendant for a sheet of paper and on that I composed a poem about my gratifying experience at the reunion.  It was simply heart warming to be so well received by my classmates after so many years.
The poem expresses my love for the people in the class of 1952.  


The Fair Park High School Golden Reunion
A Poetic Tribute By Irving Heard, Class of '52

Our graduation class of Nineteen Fifty Two
Invited all members to assemble anew
They sent invitations both far and wide
"All seniors come forth with spouse by side!"

So I said to the wife "Do you think we should go,
It's not your reunion, there's no one you'd know"
"Don't be silly she said, it'll be a riot"
Then she hid all my beer and put me on a diet

Then the big day arrived amid much anticipation
Time to greet the Tribe of the Fair Park Nation
But after fifty years I wondered what was ahead
Would anyone care, if I were alive, or dead?

Well I drove my rental into the parking lot
While another gentleman took the next spot
But the guy that jumped out must 'a been a wit
Cause he told my wife she hadn't changed a bit

Then the gala began and I did little but stare
Who were all these people with all the silver hair
Then one by one my old memories took hold
And like a miracle not a single person looked old

Then I recognized Glen and Jackie and Mary Ann
Then Gay, May, and Fern, then both Bob and Sam
I remembered Harley, Betty Jane, Danny and Joy
And Larry and Phillip, and Sara, Medy and Roy

And so many friends who served the committees
Like Martha and Rosalyn and dear, dear Louise
So many people wanting to shake my hand
Like Gloria and Harold and Bill, Dot and Dan

The love in the eyes and the feelings of trust
Brought back all the good things in all of us
We have mastered vocations from A to Z
And some gave their lives that we might be free

Our angels were remembered like Davis and Young
And so many others whose names were sung
Our beloved teachers could shout out loud
For this is a class that would make any school proud

And then it all ended as friends hugged goodbye
Why I stayed away so long I'll never know why
And I proclaim right now as I sign off my letter
I can hardly wait for our next get together

God bless the students of Fair Park High School