Julia - Our 7th Grandchild


July 1, 1996 - Hospital where Julia and Daniel were born - Tampa, FL


July 3, 1996

With lots of love, 
Grammy and Pop

We knew that you were going to be our last grandchild, so we were going to absorb everything that we could and remember you so very well.  You and your brother, Daniel, would be the last two Helfrich grandchildren.  So, you both have that distinction.  Julia and Amy, I picked out this background especially for you, since you are the two youngest girls and even though the others are much older, they will just have to deal with it, right?

Julia, you were a mighty big baby too and exceptionally pretty.  We have really enjoyed going to your dance recitals, and you have been such a star in all of them, but the one of you in your rain coat was our favorite one.  That is why we put that picture of you at the top.  And, we have come over to your home on several Halloweens, and after scanning in some of  your Halloween pictures of you and Daniel, we decided to set up a special Halloween page for you guys.

I have enjoyed the tea parties in your bedroom too.  Your mom and dad just redecorated it and it is beautiful.  It just suits you to a "T".  The day they were decorating the room, (in 2003) I came over and took you out to dinner for your birthday while they were doing the work and then you could be surprised when you got home, with the final result.  Remember, we went to Cracker Barrel and the manager came over and asked if you were having a nice birthday dinner with your Grammy?  Then, they came out and sang "Happy Birthday" to you as everyone was applauding.  Then, when we went to buy you something, and you liked one set of necklaces, but you put it back and I told you to pick out what you wanted.  You went and got the more inexpensive one and I asked you why you did not get the other one.  You said because the other one was more expensive.  To be only seven years old and be that considerate was very sweet, I thought.  And, in addition to that, you did not want to get something for yourself, even though it was your birthday, without getting something for Daniel.  So, you picked something out and took it to him.  That was so sweet and thoughtful.

One of my memories was when we were over at your home recently and I was rushing from the dining room to the kitchen and back and forth doing the dishes and you said "Grammy, you don't have to run so much."  I replied that I run like that so old age will not catch up with me.  You looked at me as if you wanted to ask "what in the world are you talking about, Grammy?"  

Another memory was when you were up in Virginia visiting with Amy in 2003, and you called on the telephone and told us about what a great time you were having up there and how much fun you and Amy were having, apple picking, pumpkin patching, horseback riding, etc.  I asked if you could put Amy in your suitcase and bring her home with you, and you said "no, Grammy, I can't do that."  Sometimes, I think you don't know what to make of your Grammy, right?

Yet another memory that I think you and Daniel will always hold onto is the fun you had when Grammy picked you up in the car to go to dinner, and you two would sit in the back seat.  You would ask Grammy to turn on the "On-Star" button so you could get directions to the nearest restaurant, or if you knew which one you wanted to go to, you would tell them you wanted directions to Cracker Barrel or Steak and Shake (or as you said, Julia - "Shake and Bake".)  Remember how the lady from On Star always told you that she hoped you enjoyed your dinner when you got there?  But, then Grammy had to go get a new car and it did not have On-Star in it.  But, you can hold on tightly to those memories from the 2001 Buick that Grammy took you out in.

And, the most recent memory was the great time we had when you, Daniel, your parents, Bow Wow and I went to Disney World in December 2003.  That was a fun day,  even if you were a bit hesitant about going into the haunted mansion.  That was neat though, wasn't it?  And, then shortly after that, Papa Chuck and I came over to spend the weekend with you and Daniel and we went out to dinner at, as you call it, "Shake and Bake," otherwise known as Steak & Shake.  Papa Chuck and I hope you remember some of these fun times after you are all grown up, which will come sooner than later.  Lots of kisses and hugs to you - Love ya. 

Grammy and Pa Chuck - April 20, 2004



08-03-1997 - Julia

04-1997 - Julia


1998 - Julia


1999 - Julia

2000 -  Julia



2001 - Julia Marie Helfrich from a dance program



2002 Daniel and Julia


2002 - Julia - 1st Grade -

2003 - Julia

2003 - Julia and Paul - Daughter-Dad Dance



2005 - Julia playing Betsy Ross



2005 - Julia

2005 - Julia and Cheer Leader Team

2005 - Daniel and Julia


2006-2007 - Daniel and Julia - School pictures

2007 - Ellen, Anne, Frank, Jackie, Chuck, Paul
Daniel and Julia in front with their parents - Ellen and Paul - on either side of them.
Both sets of Daniel's and Julia's grandparents in back - a pretty special picture

2007 - Julia and Daniel

July 2007 - Julia on a cruise

2007-2008 - Daniel and Julia - School Picture

2010-2011 - Congratulations, Julia!!!!!

2010 - 2011 - Daniel and Julia School Pictures