Lauren - Our 2nd Grandchild

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May 08, 2010
Lauren's graduation from University of South Florida

These four below at the top of the frame are our college graduates

Heather - Bachelor's Degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK May 12, 2013
Lauren - Bachelor's Degree from University of South Florida, Tampa, FL May 8, 2010
Michael - Associate's Degree from Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, FL May 4, 2012
Rebeka - Bachelor's Degree from University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK May 1, 2011

Cake Design/Photo Courtesy of Jim Rabun



Renee - Whitney - Lauren
Elise - Ron - Lauren - Michael
Lauren's Sorority

Daniel - Julia - Lauren - Ellen - Paul

Elise and Lauren

Lauren doing "The Happy Dance"

Papa Chuck - Lauren - Grammy Jaws 

Paul and Lauren

Lauren asking Jim to have a seat, so she can chit chat with him.
She wants to know how he came up with that USF cake design.
After all, she had just received her Arts Degree that day.

Lauren and Jim

Adam and Lauren


Lauren's High School Honors
Cap and Gown Picture-2005

May 20, 2005 -
Lauren on Graduation Day from Plant High School

May 20, 2005
Lauren's High School
Commencement Announcement

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May 20, 2005

Lauren's Graduation

Elise - Lauren - Ron

May 20, 2005

Lauren's Graduation

Elise - Lauren - Ron

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Blue arrow points to Lauren

Lauren after receiving her diploma - just above the white circle


|May 20, 2005 - Elise, Lauren, Ron

May 20, 2005 - Chuck, Lauren, Jackie
Lauren graduating from H. B. Plant High School, Tampa, FL
White stole representing National Honors Society

And, after two years at FSC, you transferred to USF in Tampa to get your
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts History...

Main entrance of USF


And this is where you will be graduating May 8, 2010 - The Sun Dome
down arrow with stripes
The USF Sun Dome, where many sporting and live entertainment events are held.    

FAH - Fine Arts and History Building

With lots of love, 
Grammy Jaws and Pa Chuck


,  You were our second grandchild.  We had no idea if you would be a boy or girl, so we were all waiting with bated breath for your arrival.  Your mom went into labor about 8:00 pm on April 15, and to the hospital about midnight.  There had been  two sonograms done and one said April 15 and the other one said April 16.  Being as precise as you always have been, you did it "Your Way" and did it by the book.  Your mom began having contractions at a doggie obedience class.  Your mom and Caren were watching your dad and Casey at obedience class on the field, and Casey decided to leave a deposit on the field.  Your Dad was humiliated as they made him go get something to clean it up.  Your mom laughed  so hard, she went into labor. 

But you took your sweet loving time and did not arrive until dinner the next day, with your mom being in labor for 21 hours.  We have often wondered  if you were on a cell phone. You had a fever right after you were born, and your mom had to go home without you.  Your mom was in the hospital for three days and you were there for five days.  You were a perfect baby, sleeping throughout the night the first night home and thereafter.  There were no problems with you at all, except for Grammy who called your mom every day and sometimes several times a day to see if you cried, because you just never, ever cried.   You were certainly a beautiful baby, too.  The hospital you were born in was Women's Hospital of Tampa.  

We baby sat with you many times when you were young, and you were such a joy to spend time with.  We naturally thought you were just the smartest child in the world.  We were so far from Rebeka in Alaska, and we did not get to see her too many times in her growing up years.  One of our memories of you was when you were about three years old and you were here in one of your frilly dresses and you leaned over and looked at a small spot on our kitchen floor and exclaimed  "Grammy, this house is dirty!"

Your uncle Paul started the nickname that you later learned to detest, but while you were a little girl, we all called you "Ms. Ruffle Britches."  I called you Ms. Tutu, when you first took dancing lessons. You were truly a little Ms. Priss.  You were pretty from the beginning and so precise about everything.   Later, your nick name was changed to "Ms. Thang."  Just no respect anywhere, huh?

But, every time you go to uncle Paul and aunt Ellen's, the two grandchildren there, Daniel and Julia, just love to see you.  You are like a big sister to them, and it is so obvious how much they love you. 

Then, this past summer in 2003, you were selected to attend the National Jr. Classical League ( JCL) in Texas.  This was a Latin honor convention.  And, then you placed fourth in the region, eighth in the state and seventh in the nation out of about 3,000 who attended.  WOW!  What an honor that was.  We were so proud of you!!  Then, in April of 2004, you continued down that path winning third place out of 200 in your school in another art contest.  To top that, you were selected by the committee to the position of Vice President of the National Arts of the Honor Society.  We also know that with you being on the honor roll  all of these years that you will earn a scholarship with ease.  What more could grandparents ask?  We are so glad to be able to see you off and on, and before we know it, you will be walking down the aisle in a cap and gown to receive your high school diploma.  We hope you have grandchildren one day who will make you as proud as we are of you. 

April 2005 - You just got the great news that you were accepted at your first choice of colleges, FSC, and we are so proud of you and very happy for you and your family.  We understand that it is a private, Methodist affiliated school, famous for it's arts and architect programs, which is perfect since you plan to teach art.  You know that we wish you the best of everything in the future.

Love you lots and lots, Grammy Jaws and Pa Chuck - April 20, 2004

St. Joseph's Women's Hospital - Where Lauren Was Born




Lauren - 1987



Lauren - 1988 - 18 months old



1987 - Lauren












1987 - Lauren - Ron




1990 - Lauren with Gizmo




1994 - Lauren



Year? Lauren and Julia



Lauren - 2004




October - 2005 Lauren in front of her dormitory at FSC


Laura, Santa, and Lauren...November 2005
(Christmas tree lighting at school)


Laura, Lauren, Becca, Steph

November 2005 (Christmas tree lighting at school)




Lauren and Laura at the Zeta Tau Alpha picnic

(ZTA is, hopefully, our future sorority) November 2005



Lauren, Meg, Laura, and Katie at the Zeta Tau Alpha "Hot Cocoa Party"

November 2005

2007 - Roland and Lauren

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March 2008 - Lauren and new puppy - Morgan

2009 - Ron and Lauren


1987 - Four Generations - On Lauren's Dad's Family Line
L-R - Mary Elizabeth McCoy Helfrich, (Lauren's Great Grandmother)
Elise Leigh Buechel Helfrich, (Lauren's Mother)
Lauren Nicole Helfrich
Jacqueline Ann Josey Helfrich, (Lauren's Grandmother)

1999 - Four Generations On Lauren's Mother's Family Line 
L-R - Lauren Nicole Helfrich,
Elise Leigh Buechel Helfrich, (Lauren's Mother)
Suzanne Kaye Mester Buechel Chick, (Lauren's Grandmother)
Kathryn (Kayte) Elizabeth Haynes Mester Pittman Wagner,
(Lauren's Great Grandmother)

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