Amy - Our 5th Grandchild 



With lots of love, 
Grammy and Pop

2008 - Amy Helfrich



December 2007 - Amy Helfrich - Nutcracker Performance

2007 - Amy Helfrich - A Midsummer Night's Dream

December 2006 - Amy Helfrich


2005 - Amy Helfrich

Where Amy Helfrich was born


  Your arrival date was supposed to have been February 25, but two weeks later, your Mom went to the hospital.  You were not ready, and your mom was in the labor room for 36 hours.  Your dad could not smoke in the hospital and he had to go outside to smoke.  Of course, after you were born, he gave up smoking for good.  It is a good thing too, because you would have nagged him to no end until he did so, had he not done it when he did.  You keep on working on nagging Pop Chuck on that matter. 

Your mom and dad  gave up the natural birth idea after so many hours of labor,  and decided it might be a good idea for a C-section.  Your dad went to the doctor to suggest a C-section, and the doctor said that he already decided to do one.  The C-section was performed at 5:15 pm and you appeared.  You could not drink milk and you were throwing up, so the doctor wanted to take you to a larger hospital to a specialist, where you stayed for ten days and some of that time was spent in an incubator.  They could not find anything wrong.  Your dad was ready to take you to the Naval hospital but you got better before he did that.  

You came home and three days later, you threw up big time, and your parents freaked out big time and called the emergency room and they said to bring you to the E. R.  Your parents were too upset to drive, so they took you to the E. R. in a taxi.  The doctor asked how much you had to drink, your mom told him and the doctor then determined that you had been a  little piggy and drank too much and that was what made you throw up so much.  Well, we can understand, you surely were trying to make up for lost time.

We remember when we went to see you all while you were stationed in Hawaii, you had so many things in your purse.  One day, you were sitting on the back seat of the car, taking everything out and re-organizing it in your purse, just so precisely.  One can tell you and your first cousin, Lauren, are related.

Your favorite subjects are reading, and music and you have learned to  play the violin and what a thrill when you played a song on the telephone for us one day recently.  We know you love your dog and kitty.  We also know that you have a great time when you come to Tampa and you love to spend time with Julia, your first cousin.  She is always so happy to see you.  Your dad sent us some pictures of you that were taken last Christmas where you were in The Nutcracker.  You were all dressed up and so beautiful. 

When Pa Chuck saw the pictures, he asked "who is that pretty girl?"  Coming from Pa Chuck, that is quite a compliment.   We hope you will learn the Japanese language from your mom and you and your cousin, Rebeka, can both be bilingual.  It is always an asset to be able to speak two languages, and you have such a great advantage with your mom to teach you.  

Papa Chuck and I were thrilled to come up and see you Thanksgiving of 2003.  You were so happy to see the family tree that you asked me to bring.  Since I had to take it to Kinko's to have it printed up before we left, and it was over five feet long, we had to mail it to you overnight and you were so tickled to see it.  And, I must say, we were impressed with only showing you all of your ancestors once and when I asked you who my mother's granddad was, etc., you were able to immediately point to them.  That speaks volumes in Grammy's book.  And, you were so gracious to accommodate all of us and bring your violin out and play a couple of songs for us.  That was a special time and we all enjoyed it so much.  We had fun touring the white house, the monuments, the memorials, and the art museum with you and the last day, the Mount Vernon estate.  Thank you so much for your graciousness and you are a perfect hostess. 

Lots of love and kisses from Grammy Jaws and Papa Chuck - April 20, 2004



May 1994 - Amy


1995 - Amy



Amy in Hawaii - 1997



Amy with a Christmas present as big as she is - 1995



2003 - Amy horseback riding




Amy - 2003


06-2005 - Amy

2005 - Amy with her mother, Yumi


2006 - Amy - University of Mary Washington that Amy may attend.



2006 - Amy Helfrich


2006 - Amy Helfrich - Front Center


2006 Amy Helfrich - facing the dancer in the white top


2006 - Amy Helfrich - 2nd from left


2006 - Amy Helfrich - Left


2006 - Amy Helfrich - On the left




September 2007 - Amy dancing in the mountains of Virginia

2009 - Amy Helfrich

Winter - 2010 - Amy - Huge Snow Storm Year

2010 - Amy's grand pas dassique tutu that her mother, Yumi, made

Spring - 2010 - Amy - Cherry Blossom Festival

Summer - 2010 - Amy
Fall - 2010
Fall - 2010 - Amy is 3rd from left
Fall - 2010a
Fall 2010

November 2011

November 2011 - Rehearsing for
Role of Clara in December 2011

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04-23-05 - E-mail from Amy (11 years old) to Grammy and Papa Chuck:

    I loved the pictures! They were so cute and funny. I really liked the one where the puppy was in the sandal! I'm definitely going to show it to my friends. I just got my Report card today. I made the all A Honor Roll!! I bought a really cool computer game with the $20.00 you gave me for my birthday. It's called."the Sims Unleashed". You get to build houses and live in it with your sim.Thank you for both the pictures and the money!
        Can't wait until you come up!
             Your Granddaughter,



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