(Helfrich-McCoy Lines)


Helfrich, Chuck and Jackie's Wedding Pictures-1952

Helfrich, Chuck and Jackie's 50th Anniversary  Page 1 of 2  - 2002

Helfrich, Chuck and Jackie's 50th Anniversary Page 2 of 2 - 2002

Helfrich, Herman and Mary's (Chuck's Parents) - 50th Anniversary

Helfrich, Charles Earnest - Family Line

Helfrich, Charles Earnest - Life Story

Helfrich, Charles Earnest - NCOIC - Precision Drill Team

Helfrich, Jacqueline Ann Josey - Family Line

Helfrich, Jacqueline Ann Josey - Life Story - Page 1

Helfrich, Jacqueline Ann Josey - Life Story - Page 2

Helfrich, Bill and Yumi Wedding Photos - Japan

Helfrich, Birthday Memories

Helfrich, Christmas Letters

Helfrich, Christmases Past

Helfrich, Chuck and Jackie - Gazebo Page - Family Pictures

Helfrich, Herman Andrew (Chuck's Dad) - Life Story

Helfrich, Herman Andrew (Chuck's Dad) - U. S. Marine Corps

Helfrich, Herman Andrew (Chuck's Dad) - WW II

 Helfrich, Mary (Betty) Elizabeth McCoy (Chuck's Mother) - Life Story

Helfrich, Les 1989 Christmas (funny/poignant) Odyssey From Alaska

Helfrich, Lorenz & Mary (Marie) Herr & Lorenz Sr. (Chuck's grandparents/g-grandparents)

Helfrich, Lorenz, Jr. Families

Helfrich, Childhood Pictures

Helfrich, Halloween Memories

Helfrich Pets

Helfrich, Pictures

Helfrich, Ron & Paul's Odyssey (Kidney Transplant) July 16, 2004

Helfrich, (Scouts) Cub and Boy Scout Page

Helfrich, (Scouts) Brownie and Girl Scout Page

Helfrich, Special Cruise Trips Page

Helfrich, Special Moments (Famous People We have Met)

Helfrich, Special Trips to Alaska

Helfrich, Special Vacation Highlights

Herr, Marie (Helfrich) - (Chuck's Grandmother)

Helfrich, Heather - Her site with special photos that she took in Alaska - Beautiful!!!


Hubble Cemetery  

(Chuck's GG-Grandparents) - Tazewell, VA


Barnett, Nannie and Uriah McCoy

Barnett, Philip

Barnett, Pictures

Hubble/Hubbell Tid Bits

Hubble (Nannie) (1899) and Helfrich (Rebeka) (2001)

McCoy, Charles Goble - Marriage License - Question

McCoy, Charles Goble/Nannie Virginia Hubble (Chuck's G-parents)

McCoy, Charles Goble - Carpentry Page

McCoy, Final Ancestor Page

McCoy-Hatfield/McCoy Cast - Location

McCoy-Hatfield/McCoy Feud Timeline

McCoy, Headstones (Unknown)

McCoy, Pictures

Ratcliff/Ratliff(e) Cemetery

Mystery Relatives



Bill and Yumi - Life Story - Page 1
Bill and Yumi - Life Story - Page 2

Les and Jan - Life Story - Page 1
Les and Jan - Life Story - Page 2

Ron and Elise - Life Story - Page 1
Ron and Elise - Life Story - Page 2

Paul and Ellen - Life Story - Page 1
Paul and Ellen - Life Story - Page 2

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Amy - Life Story

Daniel - Life Story

Heather - Life Story

Julia - Life Story

Lauren - Life Story

Michael - Life Story

Rebeka - Life Story